About Smoke Solution

Smoke-Solution-DK-OfficeSmoke Solution was established in Denmark 2001. It all started with the need to protect people and the environment from passive smoke. Today Smoke Solution is part of Longhi Group. We develop Smoke Cabins, Smoking Lounges and Air Purifiers based on exclusive timeless Scandinavian design and superior performance.  We have our own production facilities and sales offices located around the world, as well as a growing network of agents and distributors.

Our main business is still to provide smoke cabins and air purification products to the global market. We are experienced and proud to deliver effective air filtration products to match our customers’ needs. Pure air is our passion. We have the knowledge and expertise to design and implement effective smoking areas. We protect people from passive smoke.


To prevent passive smoking and to protect the environment with our innovative solutions.


To purify air and create smoke-free environments where people can socialize, work and communicate.


To continuously improve our products and to be willing to change for better sustainable solutions.