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Casinos: Adds a Stylish Design Element

Solve the Problems Effectively with Smoking Cabins

By installing smoking cabins, your customers can watch their table or slot machine while smoking. This means that your customer will stay longer and play longer in the casino, compared to if they would need to access a smoking room or go outside to smoke.

A casino that offers the convenience of smoking cabins has a clear advantage. Smokers and non-smokers can socialise without the non-smoker being affected by passive smoking. Smokers can enjoy a cigarette indoor instead of braving the elements outside, which is the situation in many places today.

Effective smoking cabins are the perfect solution for all sectors of the business world. Our smoking cabins eliminate almost all the toxic gases and unpleasant odours discharged in cigarette smoke, and the clean air they release is purer than the normal air we breathe every day.


Casino Munkebjerg
Benny Bredgaard
Marketing Manager of Casino Munkebjerg
Casinos Austria International Holding

“Casino Munkebjerg has had smoking cabins since the smoking law in Denmark came into force in mid-August 2007, and has consequently not introduced a smoking ban. At Casino Munkebjerg we have not felt any economic decline due to smoking, unlike other casinos in Europe that have introduced smoking bans and experienced declines of between 15 and 25%. Our visitor numbers have actually increased as guests who did not come before are attracted by our facilities, which can accommodate even heavy smokers.

We would definitely recommend a similar solution to other casinos. First and foremost because it solves the problem of smoking, and eliminates bad odours. The elegant design of these smoking cabins also fits in perfectly with our environment.”


Benefits of introducing smoking cabins:

  • The law requires that no one is exposed to passive smoking.
  • Less wear and tear on furniture and carpets.
  • Cleaning is significantly easier.
  • Savings on electricity. Before, the ventilation system meant the air pressure in the casino was uncomfortably low, but now that has changed and we are saving both heat and electricity.
  • Guests remain both in the casino and the restaurant beside the casino, so revenue is not lost.
  • Our staff members are very satisfied with the smoking cabins, which have improved the general working environment.
  • Guests like the smoking cabins and are very happy with their design.


Smoke Solution in Casinos: A Healthy Atmosphere for Customers and Employees


Why Our Smoking Cabin Makes Good Commercial Sense:

  • Enables smokers and non-smokers to mix without feeling discomfort from smoke
  • Provides a healthy atmosphere for customers and employees
  • Adds a stylish design element to the casino
  • Protects carpets, furniture and other valuable fittings
  • Provides flexible zones for smokers without additional costs
  • Minimizes potential risk of profit loss, caused by forthcoming smoking regulations
  • Easily relocated for added flexibility
  • Flexible capacity and easy to clean
  • Complies with smoking regulations
  • The only thing needed is a power plug