Selected Cases Showcasing Installations in a Variety of Situations

Offices: Creating Healthy Work Environments

We Aim to Bring People Together – Not Separating Them

All employees should have a healthy work environment, unclouded by heated discussions on passive smoking or lack of respect for personal choice. With our solutions, smokers and non-smokers can communicate without cigarette smoke stifling team spirit.

Effective smoking cabins are the perfect solution for all sectors of the business world. Our smoking cabins eliminate almost all the toxic gases and unpleasant odours discharged in cigarette smoke, and the clean air they release is purer than the normal air we breathe every day.

Reduce cleaning costs and limit damages to carpets and furniture. Offer your employees and customers the chance to smoke in a clean and healthy environment.


G4S Security Services A/S, Copenhagen
Kim Egelund
Facility and Procurement Manager

“At G4S Security Service A/S, we can see that our smokers use our smoking cabin frequently – though more in the winter when it’s cold outside.

We chose to use smoking cabins mainly to eliminate passive smoking and show that we care about the health of our employees and customers. This was very well received, as passive smoking is an important, but sensitive issue for many of our employees.

We have been very pleased with the low noise level of smoking cabins from Smoke Solution. In an office setting, this is very important, but fortunately no one notices if the smoking cabin is working or on stand-by.

We are very satisfied. We feel that we have made a good investment and have not experienced any disadvantages in relation to using the cabin. We are therefore also prepared to recommend other companies to acquire a similar smoking cabin, especially because the supplier also offers good service, which includes regularly checking and cleaning the cabin and emptying the ashtray.”

Smoke Solution in Offices: Creating a Bridge between People


Why Our Smoking Cabin Makes Good Commercial Sense:

  • Enables smokers and non-smokers to mix without feeling discomfort from smoke
  • Improves the social climate in the working space
  • Reduces the time employees spend on smoking
  • No more dirty ashtrays, or blocked and dirty entrances to the company
  • Adds a stylish design element to the workplace
  • Reflects the image of a modern company that looks after its employees’ and customers’ health
  • Provides flexible zones for smokers without additional costs
  • No discomfort for the cleaning staff when cleaning a smoking cabin compared to a smoking room
  • The only thing needed for installation is a power plug