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Restaurants: Enables Smokers and Non-Smokers to Mix

The Smoking Cabins Take Up Almost No Space. Do Not Force Your Customers to Go Outside to Smoke

Your customers can enjoy both a drink and a cigarette. Smokers and non-smokers can mix without non-smokers being affected by passive smoking. Smokers can enjoy a cigarette indoor without annoying anyone instead of braving the elements outside.

Our smoking cabins are easily fitted in any surroundings and can be easily relocated for added flexibility. Our smoking cabins eliminate almost all the toxic gases and unpleasant odours discharged in cigarette smoke, and the clean air they release is purer than the normal air we breathe.

Ensure clean air for both your customers and your employees – order a smoking cabin from Smoke Solution.


Restaurant Vesuvio, Copenhagen
Antonio Fausto
Owner of Restaurant Vesuvio

“We are very satisfied with our two smoking cabins here at Restaurant Vesuvio. Our guests immediately feel comfortable, as those who wish to smoke can do so without being forced out into the street and without bothering our non-smoking guests. Especially in the evening, guests enjoy using the cabins, they are often fully occupied by guests enjoying a cigarette with a coffee or glass of wine!

The smoking ban in Denmark has hit many restaurants hard. Many people consider smoking the perfect end to a good meal and are itching to smoke after a couple of hours. With smoking cabins, we avoid these issues.

Many groups of guests include both smokers and non-smokers, and as soon as they step inside the restaurant, we used to face the problem of where to seat them, in the smoking area or the non-smoking area. Naturally, space is at a premium and empty seats cost money.

Fortunately, the smoking cabins take up almost no space, and could be installed in an area we didn’t use very much.

As non-smokers are quick to point out, cigarette smoke can dull the taste of good food. We pride ourselves on making the best Italian food in Copenhagen, and we do everything we can to optimise our guests’ culinary experience.

Our furniture is exposed to less wear and tear now when smoking cabins have replaced our old smoking area.

We have had our smoking cabins for more than three years and see them as an integral part of the overall environment here at Vesuvio. I’m sure word has spread and guests are choosing to dine at our restaurant because they can smoke inside the restaurant. There’s no doubt customer satisfaction keeps our earnings base stable.”


Smoke Solution in Restaurants: Eliminating Passive Smoking for Your Guests


Why Our Smoking Cabin Makes Good Commercial Sense:

  • Eliminates passive smoking for your guests
  • Enables smokers and non-smokers to mix without feeling discomfort from smoke
  • Adds a stylish design to the restaurant
  • Provides a healthy atmosphere for employees
  • Cigarette smoke dulls the taste of food and drink
  • Protects carpets, furniture and other valuable fittings
  • Complies with smoking regulations
  • Guests are not forced to go outside to smoke
  • Provides flexible zones for smokers without additional costs
  • The only thing needed for installation is a power plug




“An exclusive high-end furniture, where

smokers can smoke while socializing with


The smokers must not be hidden away in a far

corner or a small closed room. They are to be

treated with respect.”


Jesper Wolff