Ashtray Smoke Cabin

Ashtray Smoke Cabin

Our smoke cabins are equipped with sleek elegant fireproof ashtrays. The large capacity stainless steel ashtrays safely handle thousands of cigarettes and ashes. The non-flammable container inside the ashtray ensures that any lighted cigarette thrown into the ashtray will be extinguished immediately. The unique ashtray is easy to be emptied and to keep clean.

Black and grey are our standard colours for the powder coated steel. The colours of steel and wood can be combined in any way. If our customers would like their own company colours or other solutions, this is also welcome.


Colour Black Dark Smoke Cabin Colour Grey Light Smoke Cabin


Smart Energy ConsumptionEnergy consumption of our smoke cabins is kept at lowest level and the only thing required for operation is a normal electrical outlet. Both the large-scale ventilator and the automatic motion sensor ensure that power consumption is efficiently reduced. The LED spot lights and the high/low fan function are alternatively regulated by the intelligent PLC-driven computer. Every parameter can be individually adjusted.


The energy consumption of a single standard unit:

  • Stand-by (100 m3 air/hour) 5 W
  • In function (400 m3 air/hour) 90 W
  • In function (600 m3 air/hour) 135 W
  • We have an effective 3-stage filtering system and that is what it makes to keep air 99.95% pure. Our filtration technology is absolutely 100% ozone free. The automatic motion sensor will compensate the speed of the filtering system, ensuring a constant level of air penetration to keep the result of pure air consistent. This is very cost-effective and gives low energy consumption.


    Powerful 3-stage filter :


    The pre-filter is designated and made as a grit collector according to the standard DIN EN 779:2003. It is used to remove larger dust particles to extend the lifespan of the Carbon and HEPA filter. The pre-filter used is classified as G4, which means that the filter has over 90 % average arrestance (Am).

    HEPA/Particle filter

    The main particle filter is a highly efficient HEPA filter, classified as an H13 filter according to the DIN EN 1822 standard. The filter removes at least 99.95% of all airborne particles of 0.3 micrometers (µm) in diameter.

    Carbon filter

    This filter contains highly activated carbon based on CO2 neutral coconut shells, which adsorbs and neutralises all the basic gases in tobacco smoke. Added aluminium can adsorb noxious gases and eliminate unpleasant odours.

    Each smoke cabin is equipped with the 4th generation of EC fan, which is controlled by an integrated PLC-driven computer that closely monitors every movement to keep the airflow constant and pleasant. You can calibrate the system to fit your exact needs, from 100 m3 air/h airflow (on energy-efficient standby) to a maximum of 1,200 m3 air/h.

    The intelligent EC fan automatically draws an optimum volume of air through the cleaning system to keep the unit operating efficiently and constantly, even if the replaceable filters become congested and airflow would otherwise drop.

    Glass Of Cabin

    We exclusively use top quality 8mm tempered glass panels in our smoke cabins. The glass is an important part of making our design light and elegant. The transparent look and modern design ensure our cabins to easily blend into any surrounding. Frosted glass is optional and useful for customers that needs higher privacy. Other glass solutions are available upon requests.

    Tempered glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength up to ten times compared with normal glass. If the glass would break it would break into little pieces without sharp edges. Laminated safety glass can also be ordered as an option.

    Our smoke cabins are very quiet and comfortable to use. The noise level is hardly noticeable and that makes the unit a perfect fit in any room.

    The sound level of a single standard unit:Smoke Cabin Noise Level by Smoke Solution

    • Stand-by (100 m3 air/hour) 35.0 dB
    • In function (400 m3 air/hour) 41.5 dB
    • In function (600 m3 air/hour) 48.5 dB

    We use high quality mahogany and maple wood for our wooden panels , and process them with uniform procedures:

    • MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is manufactured using a dry process in which wood fibres are mixed with natural glue and pressed in dry conditions.
    • The thickness is 17 mm for front panel, 17 mm for the ceiling and 25 mm for the table top.
    • The clear sealer and polyurethane varnish provide a rich and even finish with excellent durability. The panels are glossy, anti-fungus, alcohol and water resistant.
    • The wooden panels can also be customised in other colours or materials upon requests.


    High Quality Smoke Cabin Wooden PanelHigh Quality Smoke Cabin Wooden Panel