How it works

Smart Air Flow - Smoking Area

Smart Air Flow

Our smoke cabins works in three main stages with the end result of giving air purer than the air we normally breathe.

1. Capture the smoke

Fumes are carried up through the ceiling. One of the secrets is to catch the smoke within few seconds, and direct it into the filter with the high airflow.

2. Filter harmful particles and gases

Our filtering system removes 99.95% of all airborne pollutants and completely eliminates unpleasant odours of cigarettes. The carbon filters are evenly filled with self-produced coconut activated carbon, which can effectively adsorb harmful chemicals and odour-producing compounds.

3. Release pure air

Air is clean once it has passed through all the filter stages. The intelligent filtering and fan systems ensure that clean air is constantly released to the environment.

Check out this video to see our Smoke Cabin in action.


We have test results and certified by :


Smoke Cabin certified by DBISmoking Cabin certified by DGUV BGIA


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