Our Markets

Smoking Lounge Airports Airports can benefit significantly from providing freestanding smoke cabins or by installing effective smoking lounges to ensure a pleasant stay and environment for every passenger regardless they are smokers or non-smokers.

Scandinavian design. Our elegant minimalistic designed cabins blend in perfectly in modern international airports. The freestanding units are easy to relocate to follow passenger pattern and can be 
set up in the middle of a social area, near restaurants/cafés, baggage claims or 
next to terminals. The only requirement is an ordinary electrical outlet.

Smoking Lounges For CasinosIt is a myth that every gambler is a smoker. Many companies have successfully implemented smoke free policies for their buildings, casinos, and event centers. We embrace the clean air concept and our freestanding or integrated solutions help improve overall indoor air quality.

Ordinary ventilation systems may reduce the odor of tobacco smoke, but they do not remove toxins in smoke or protect people from heath hazards of passive smoke. Our smoke solutions and filtering system does. 

Smoking Cabin HotelsThe majority of guests requests favor of non-smoking hotel environment. A hotel that offers the convenience of indoor smoke cabins and fresh indoor air has a clear advantage to make every guest feel like home. Only by allowing smoking in designated smoking areas with effective filtering system, to eliminate tobacco smoke, can provide this.

It is not enough to have smoking rooms connected to ordinary ventilation, as the gases and toxins from tobacco smoke will find their way out. 

Smoke Cabin OfficesPure air is essential. All employees should have a healthy work environment, and nobody should be affected with passive smoke. We have the right product and solutions for this. Our smoke cabins effectively filters tobacco smoke and let smokers and non-smokers work together without any problems related to passive smoking.

Cut costs and save time. To set up a smoke cabin will give immediate results. Employee’s time spent on smoking will be reduced and this benefits the overall social climate. Cleaning staff won´t feel any discomfort cleaning dirty ashtrays, etc.

Smoking Cabin RestaurantsIn many countries smoking in restaurants is completely prohibited. We all know air does not come in pieces to support the false logic of arranging a restaurant with non-smoking tables and smoking tables beside each other. The air is for everyone to breathe and the smoke does not know how to stay above the smoking tables.

To support the culinary experience and offer a good indoor air quality, passive smoking must be prevented. By installing smoke cabins, smokers and non-smokers can socialize without anyone being exposed to smoke. The overall air quality increase and so do the comfort of guests and employees.

Smoke Cabin for Industry by Smoke Solution

We have solutions to keep busy industries smoke free. When smoking needs to be controlled in warehouses, production areas or other industries the installation of space saving movable smoke cabins are excellent. This gives many advantages like shorter smoking breaks, improved indoor air quality and increased control of production as the smoking facilities are close to the workplace. Workers don´t need to go outside and the overall company image is strengthened.

Our solutions have low energy consumption and are easy to install. The only thing needed is a standard power outlet. Connection to ventilation system is not required, as the filtration technology works independently. The unique fireproof ashtrays handle thousands of cigarettes and ashes. We solve smoking issues at industry workplaces in a safe and easy way. Contact us for more information.