In many countries smoking in restaurants is completely prohibited. We all know air does not come in pieces to support the false logic of arranging a restaurant with non-smoking tables and smoking tables beside each other. The air is for everyone to breathe and the smoke does not know how to stay above the smoking tables.

To support the culinary experience and offer a good indoor air quality, passive smoking must be prevented. By installing smoke cabins, smokers and non-smokers can socialize without anyone being exposed to smoke. The overall air quality increases and so does the comfort of guests and employees. Our solutions reduce maintenance, furnishings and cleaning costs. Contact us for more information.

Smoke Cabin at Restaurants


This is to inform we have 5 numbers of smoke cabins made of Smoke Solution, Denmark. They are working satisfactorly from November 2011 onwards, at Bangalore International Airport

Bengaluru International Airport

We have been using Smoke Cabins from the last 1 year, and we are very happy with its performance as it enables us to provide a smoke free atmosphere to our Customers without the risk of passive smoking.

Rockman´s Beer Island

We are very satisfied with how the cabins are working and are ordering more cabins from them.

Radisson BLU

Smoke Solution products are great!

L´espace Vision

The company makes all the efforts to tailor-made offers which meet our company needs. about the installation and operational improvements. We are very pleased to recommend Smoke Solution for any future, potential clients.”

Warzaw Marriott Hotel

Since the initiation of the installation until date we have not faced any problems.

Propcare Mall Management Pvt. Ltd

Our guests are very happy to use the Smoke Cabin, as it eliminates the foul odour and passive smoking


It is an excellent product and it eliminates passive smoking. Our guests are very happy to use it. We will be placing orders for our future projects as well.

Golfworx Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

We are very satisfied with the technology and performance of the cabins. The passangers have been using them regularly and we have not received any complaint.

GMR Hyderbad International Airport Ltd