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Our products gives full elimination of passive smoke by applying the best knowledge and technology of Smoke Solution. To meet the latest standards, all our products are dedicatedly tested. We have three categories of indoor smoking solutions: smoke cabin, smoking lounge and air purifier for different business sectors, including airports, hotels, casinos, restaurants and offices.

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  • Irresistible Scandinavian Design

    Denmark-born Scandinavian design, integrated with Nordic minimalist appeal and elegancy. Our smoke cabins are works of high functional craftsmanship that can perfectly fit into any environments.


  • Detailed Customisation
    We have various sized smoke cabin models such as SP-110, 2SP-110, SP-160, 2SP-160 and SP-Area, depending on the number of users at a time. To cater special needs and requests, we also offer customised solutions so that our customers can craft and generate the likeness of our products.


  • High Quality Carbon Media
    An effective filtering system is the key of clean air. We exclusively use our self-produced coconut activated carbon as the filter media. It is a powerful adsorbent that removes 99,95% of all airborne pollutants and gives air purer than the air we normally breathe. 


  • Modular Flexibility
    Our smoke cabins are completely modular that can save your time, costs and spaces. They can be readily resized and relocated according to your business trends. The glass solution and number of units can be changed to suit the volume of the users.





To serve a large number of smokers at a time, we offer a specially designed model SR-65 to fit this category, where any room can be converted into a smoking lounge. The unit is easily relocated and constantly filters the toxic gases and unpleasant odours in the room, which in turn reduce the need for external ventilation and the loss of heat. We also help design and equip purpose-built smoking rooms or lounges that meet regulations and other requirements.