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The Tower 2000: Air-Purification Unit

The Tower2000 is a general-purpose air-purification unit with very high performance. It follows the same strict design and manufacturing rules as our smoking cabins and lounges and is currently available in the following specifications.

Indoor Air Purifier

99.995% Removal of Harmful Particles

Due to our expertise as a leading manufacturer of smoking cabins and lounges we decided to put our technical design knowledge to good use in producing a highly effective general-purpose air-purification unit.

The three-phase filtering system ensures that 99.995% of harmful particles are removed from the air being quietly recycled through the unit. The noise level is low and comparable to a high-end air-conditioning unit.

Furthermore, electrical consumption is only 200 W in operation.



The operation of the unit is as simple as can be and can be automated to specific time-intervals as well as being remote-controlled by the dedicated Tower2000 app (in development currently).



As for all of our systems Tower2000 follows the minimalist approach of Scandinavian Design. It fits discretely into any interior decoration.

Air Purifier - Tower Series
Air Purifier - Tower Series
Air Purifier - Tower Series
Air Purifier - Tower Series
Air Purifier - Tower Series

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