Customized Solutions

We understand each business is unique and has its own goal to achieve. This is why we provide customized solutions for our customers so that we deliver the products depend on what they want to.

Cafe Smoking Area use SR65 by Smoke Solution

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With the customised solutions, our customers can craft and generate the likeness of the smoke cabins. They can add their company’s logo, colours or use the cabin unit for advertising. There are many ways to make the smoke cabins personal. Different colour combinations and choices of materials are available upon request. Other options such as LCD screen, frosted glass and so forth are also possible to accommodate personal needs and demands.

Black and white smoke cabin

Customized color for smoking cabin

Customized color options for smoking cabin

Smoke Cabin with Marlboro Theme

Smoke cabin in various colors

Smoking cabin in various color combinations

Click to play the Video

Click to play the Video