Active and passive smokers. Who suffer more?

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Do you know what is the different active and passive smokers? Active smoker is the person who directly inhale the smoke while the passive smoker is the person who indirectly inhale the smoke from the burning end of a cigarette. Both types of smokers have the same health risk of smoking. 

As passive smokers are just as dangerous as active smokers, there are countries that have banned smoking and there are also some countries that have a strict rule where public areas must have smoking areas such as airports, office buildings, restaurants and others. There is also an innovation of smoking area called smoking cabin. 

The smoke cabin has the most advanced technology as it will be converting the smoke produced by cigarettes into clean air. The smoke goes through several filtering processes carried out by the machine installed inside smoke cabin. 

From this concern, smoke cabin can be placed outdoors and even indoors because the smoke produced by smokers does not disturb the surrounding people. This can also reduce the risk of disease caused by second-hand smoke from inhaling smoke from the active smokers. Smoke cabins can be a solution for smoking without disturbing the surrounding environment and producing clean air from filtered cigarette smoke. 

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