Billund Airport

“Billund Airport has had smoke cabins since August 2007 when the new legislation came into force. After a test phase, where smoke cabins fully lived up to expectations, we decided to set up cabins at different locations in the passenger terminal. A total smoking ban was not a solution, especially now that all the flights are non-smoking, as once passengers have passed through our security check, they can’t get out into the open air.

We needed a solution that would keep passengers happy and realised that smoke cabins were the answer – partly as smoke cabins are a flexible solution that can be located anywhere. We did not want smokers to feel isolated or hidden away in remote smoking rooms, which also quickly become foul-smelling and unattractive. So we put the cabins in the seating areas.

We chose Smoke Solution as a supplier because we did not just want a supplier, we wanted a partner. The concept of smoke cabins was new to us and we needed advice and help throughout the process, from the test set-up to the final location of the cabins. We could choose to carry out part of the service ourselves, but are happy with the way Smoke Solution services our cabins. We have a good working relationship.

Smoke cabins fit in perfectly with the airport’s Scandinavian and light design, with their transparent and exclusive appearance. The choice of wooden interior panel matches our environment very well.

The energy consumption in smoke cabins is very low, which is important, as we have passengers at all hours, all year round. Smoke cabins can definitely be recommended to others.

We are already recommending them, in fact, as visitors at the airport often express great interest. Naturally, huge numbers of smokers use airports, especially in the summer during peak travel periods, and we’re pleased to say that the solution is extremely satisfactory.”


Karin Willumsen
Billund Airport

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