“At G4S Security Service A/S, we can see that our smokers use our smoke cabin frequently – though more in the winter when it’s cold outside.

We chose to use smoke cabins mainly to eliminate passive smoking and show that we care about the health of our employees and customers. This was very well received, as passive smoking is an important, but sensitive issue for many of our employees.

We have been very pleased with the low noise level of smoke cabins from Smoke Solution. In an office setting, this is very important, but fortunately no one notices if the smoke cabin is working or on stand-by.

We are very satisfied. We feel that we have made a good investment and have not experienced any disadvantages in relation to using the cabin. We are therefore also prepared to recommend other companies to acquire a similar smoke cabin, especially because the supplier also offers good service, which includes regularly checking and cleaning the cabin and emptying the ashtray.”


Kim Egelund
G4S Security Services A/S, Copenhagen

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