Does IQOS Not Produce Secondhand Smoke?

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A new smoking device known as IQOS has become popular among young people in recent years. Philip Morris International, the company of the IQOS gadget, claims that the current smoking device is much safer than traditional cigarettes. 

The acronym “IQOS” stands for “I Quit Original Smoking.” As the name suggests, smoking with this device is not the same as smoking regular cigarettes. The tobacco is heated in order for this gadget to work. Smoking with traditional cigarettes, on the other hand, necessitates first burning the cigarettes. The Differences Between IQOS and Regular Cigarettes and Traditional cigarettes emit smoke, however, IQOS produces none. Traditional cigarettes leave an odor that easily adheres to garments, however, IQOS leaves no odor. 

The Differences Between IQOS and Regular Cigarettes 

  • IQOS works by heating tobacco rather than burning it as ordinary cigarettes do. 
  • Traditional cigarettes emit smoke, however, IQOS produces none. 
  • Traditional cigarettes leave an odor that easily adheres to garments, however, IQOS leaves no odor. 

Is IQOS Safer Than Conventional Cigarettes? 

Philip Morris International, as the owner of IQOS, has asserted that the gadget is extremely safe when compared to other tobacco products. Furthermore, IQOS does not emit secondhand smoke, which puts the health of people around the smoker in jeopardy. However, no research has been conducted to date to back up Philip Morris International’s allegation. Until now, many studies comparing the level of hazardous chemicals like nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide (CO), and tobacco-specific nitrosamines in IQOS tobacco have been undertaken. 

According to the findings, the amount of nicotine in regular cigarettes and IQOS was nearly the same. The FDA has also dismissed assertions that IQOS is considerably safer than other cigarette products in terms of reducing health hazards. 

In recent years, utilizing IQOS to smoke has become fashionable in a number of countries. One of the characteristics that distinguish IQOS as a current smoking trend is that it does not emit smoke, has no odors and does not contain cigarette ash. 

As a result, many IQOS users are confident in their ability to smoke indoors without bothering those around them. In truth, IQOS produces secondhand smoke, which is harmful to those who are exposed to it. 

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