Does Your Workplace Need an Outdoor Smoking Shelter a Distancefrom the Building?

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Are you seeking for a low-cost outside smoking shelter that is far from the building? When it comes to selecting an outdoor smoking shelter, most individuals begin by considering the most basic, low-cost smoking shelters made of wood. Although a wooden smoking shelter is inexpensive, it is ineffective in maintaining a smoke-free environment in your office building.

Smoke Solution’s outdoor smoke shelter is the perfect smoking cabin for all of your employees’ needs. Our cabins will keep Folster warm and dry in the winter, as well as provide a nice environment where everyone can socialize without being bothered by odors and tobacco smoke. All we can say is that our outdoor smoke shelters will provide you with numerous advantages. If you don’t trust us, consider the following key advantages of outside smoking shelters.

What’s the Point of Having One?

Because they are totally enclosed, our outdoor smoking shelters meet all criteria for all places of employment and public locations. Staff, employees, and visitors are no longer exposed to secondhand smoke as a result of this. As a result, investing in a designated smoking cabin can assist to reduce littering and health risks associated with smoking.

We’ve noticed that a lot of businesses around here sell the same thing we do. Our products, however, are not like typical smoking shelters. We don’t sell basic, low-cost outdoor smoking shelters; instead, we sell completely technologically advanced, long-lasting smoking shelters.


Our outdoor smoking cabin was designed and built by professionals and is capable of being delivered over the oceans in containers.

Our outdoor smoking shelters are constructed of aluminum and glass and are built to resist a variety of weather situations, making them more durable than standard smoking shelters.

Free of Fire Danger

The best part about our outdoor smoking shelters is that they come with a certified fireproof ashtray, which ensures that each cigarette is completely extinguished and that there is no ash left in the tray.


We understand if you think our cabins are too pricey. However, as previously said, our cabins are constructed of aluminum and glass. As a result, we pledge to provide you with a long-term solution free of the worry of having to replace materials.

Furthermore, Smoke Solution offers a modification service for those who want more than just a simple outside smoking shelter and want it to have built-in chairs, lights, warmth, and a television. You can also change the size, color, and advertisement.

At Smoke Solution, we know how to build long-lasting smoking cabins that help you achieve your aim of a smoke-free atmosphere. We have a variety of smoking cabins accessible for your business. If you’re interested in our goods, please contact our experienced team to discuss your smoking issues!

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