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High Quality Products, Continuous Quality Control and Attention to Detail

VIGOROUS TESTING: Our smoking cabin- and lounge units are continuously tested to comply with extremely high standards, approved by independent test laboratories globally. Testing includes fire-safety as well as the filtration of gasses/particles.

FIREPROOFING: All elements are fireproofed by using hard-to-ignite materials and paints. Our ventilation units are equipped with sleek, elegant, fireproof ashtrays. The large capacity inner steel container can safely handle thousands of cigarettes and ashes. Its unique airtight construction ensures that any lighted cigarette dropped into the ashtray will be extinguished immediately due to its oxygen-free interior.

This ensures a high level of fire-proofing and comfort. Furthermore, our unique odourless ashtray is easily emptied and cleaned.

 TEMPERED SAFETY GLASS: The glass is an important part of making our design light and elegant. The transparent look and modern design ensure that our cabins easily blend into any surroundings. We exclusively use top quality 8mm tempered glass panels. Print on glass is optional and useful for customers that need higher privacy or for logo/branding. Other glass solutions, like laminated glass or with sunscreen, are available upon request.

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength up to ten times compared with normal glass. If the glass breaks, it will break into small pieces instead of large shards for safety reasons.

WOOD: We use high quality mahogany and maple veneers for our wooden panels, and process them with uniform procedures:

The clear sealer and polyurethane varnish provide a rich and even finish with excellent durability. The panels are glossy, anti-fungus, alcohol- and water resistant. The wooden panels can also be customised in other colours or materials upon requests.

COLOUR: Black and grey are our standard colours for the powder coated steel. The colours of steel and wood can be combined in any way. If our customers would like their own company colours or other solutions, this is also welcome.

We always do our best to accommodate special requests.

POWERFUL FAN: Each smoking cabin is equipped with an adjustable, high-capacity fan. The system can be individually adjusted from 100 m3/hour airflow (on energy-efficient stand- by) to a maximum 1,200 m3/hour.

The large-scale fan and LED spotlights are controlled by an automatic motion sensor which ensures that power consumption is efficiently reduced and kept at a minimum.

LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION: Our smoking cabins meet the highest standards regarding minimal electrical consumption. Automatic motion sensors control the lights and the speed of the filtering system making it very cost-effective as power is only used when needed. That way, the power consumption is kept at the lowest possible level and the only thing required for operation is a normal electrical outlet.

The energy consumption of a single standard unit:

  • Stand-by (100 m3 air/hour) 45 W
  • Normal airflow (450 m3 air/hour) 90 W
  • Increased airflow (600 m3 air/hour) 135 W

LOW NOISE LEVEL: The sound level of our smoking cabins is extremely low and comparable to a normal air-conditioning unit. Its noiseless operation means that it is hardly noticeable and can be placed in any environment without causing any disturbance.

The sound level of a single standard unit:

  • Stand-by (100 m3/hour) 35.0 dB
  • Normal airflow (450 m3/hour) 41.5 dB
  • Increased airflow (600 m3/hour) 48.5 dB

3-STAGE FILTERING SYSTEM: An effective, certified filtering system is the key to clean air. We exclusively use our self-produced, coconut-based activated carbon filters together with a high-performance HEPA particle filter and a pre-filter for larger particles.

PRE-FILTER: The pre-filter is made according to the standard DIN EN 779:2012. It is used to remove larger dust particles to extend the lifespan of the Carbon and HEPA filters. The filter membrane used is classified as G3, which means that the filter has over 80 % average arrestance (Am) of airborne particles above 10 microns.

HEPA/PARTICLE FILTER: The main particle filter is a highly efficient HEPA filter, classified as an H13 filter according to the DIN EN 1822 standard. The filter removes at least 99.95% of all airborne particles above 0.3 micrometres (µm) in diameter.

CARBON FILTER: This filter contains highly activated carbon based on CO2-neutral coconut shells, which absorbs and neutralises all the toxic gases in tobacco smoke.

It is a powerful system that not only prevents passive smoking but releases air purer than the air we normally breathe back into the room.

FLEXIBLE SERVICE LEVELS: We understand the importance of reliability. A service contract will protect your investment and ensure constant functionality. This will give remarkable performance and peace of mind. We highly recommend clients to sign up for regular maintenance in correspondence with their usage of the cabin. The smoking cabin will function optimally and any problems will be solved quickly and professionally by Smoke Solution´s experienced technicians or our certified partners.

The options and service intervals may vary in your local area. As a guideline, we normally offer three service levels depending on the average usage of the units.

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