Follow these 2 Clever Ways to Remove Thirdhand Smoke

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Recently discussed the dangers of secondhand smoking on our health. Surprisingly, thirdhand smoking is more harmful to our health than secondhand smoke. 

According to, thirdhand smoke is residual nicotine and other chemicals left on indoor surfaces by tobacco smoke. 

That is why thirdhand smoke is dangerous. Because third – hand smoke chemical compounds can remain on clothes, walls, carpets, and other surfaces after someone smokes in the vicinity. 

People are exposed to thirdhand smoke in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, we are frequently exposed to third hand smoking. Especially when we come into contact with contaminated surfaces or inhale off-gassing from contaminated surfaces. 

How can you get rid of thirdhand smoke? 

Cleaning contaminated surfaces on a regular basis 

Thirdhand smoke, as previously stated, may readily remain on surfaces. Cleaning up polluted surfaces can assist to minimize the amount of thirdhand smoke, nicotine, and tar residue in the environment. 


Clothes, rugs, drapes, walls, carpets, and many other surfaces might be polluted. 

Always remember to put on your goggles. 

Repaint walls

Repainting the walls is the quickest approach to minimize the amount of thirdhand smoke. 

Remember to clean the walls before repainting them; otherwise, you’ll need two or three coats of paint to ensure that the nicotine doesn’t permeate through the layers. Fortunately, Smoke Solution offers a solution to keep your workplace from turning into a third-hand smoke den. 

Cabin for Smoking Outside 

Our Outdoor Smoke Cabins provide a safe and comfortable setting for several smokers at the same time, without exposing the surroundings to secondhand and thirdhand smoke. 

Cabin for Smoking Outside 

Our Outdoor Smoke Cabins provide a safe and comfortable setting for several smokers at the same time, without exposing the surroundings to secondhand and thirdhand smoke. 

Here are three reasons why our outside smoking cabin is a superior alternative to third-party alternatives: 

1. Outside of the Building 

We support the “smoke-free environment” effort, which is why we established an outdoor smoking space. You select an appropriate location, either in a parking lot or near a park. Our outdoor smokehouse can blend nicely with any setting. 

2. Surfaces that are simple to clean 

Our outdoor smoke cabin is made of aluminum, making it easy to maintain for your workers. 

3. Automatic Doors with No Hands 

There is an option for an automatic door. We want to make sure that visitors don’t come into contact with thirdhand smoke by touching the handle bar or other contaminated surfaces. 


Another models and customisation solution as your preferences are available.  

Call our sales team for more information and the best price! 

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