Here are the 4 reasons why investing in smoking cabins makes good commercial sense!

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Our company aimis to be the world’s leader in creative, cutting-edge indoor/outdoor smoking cabin solutions. Smoke Solution has been devoted to delivering the best services in ensuring an environment free of smoke since 2010. For commercial spaces, a unique smoking cabin is a state-of-the-art option for inside and outdoor smoking. 

Why Do Smoking Cabins Exist?

Because many smokers smoke in public locations, we are aware that cigarette smoke is a major concern in commercial settings. 

Approximately 7.000 substances in cigarette smoke are hazardous to human health. Furthermore, cigarette smoke is not the only danger we face; secondhand smoke from cigarettes is much more harmful than cigarette smoke. 

As a result, we designed a unique smoking cabin where smokers may comfortably smoke their cigarettes while preventing you and your guests from breathing secondhand smoke. 

Why Does Putting Up Smoke Cabins Make Business Sense? 

1. The environment appears to be clean. 

Have you ever witnessed throngs of people puffing their cigarettes in front of the doorways and littering the floor with cigarette butts and ashes? That scenery makes your construction site appear filthy. In such an instance, offering a smoking cabin may be able to alleviate that little issue. 

Smokers can smoke within the smoke chamber and deposit their cigarette butts in our fireproof ashtray, which can hold up to 5,000–7,000 butts in a single tube. There will be no more cigarette butts or filthy ashes on the floor. It’s a fantastic method to establish a smoke-free atmosphere in your workplace. 

2. Healthy environment 

Our smoking cabins have the greatest three-stage air filter in their class, including a pre-filter, a Pro HEPA Filter, and a carbon filter. The pre-filter traps big particles, the Pro HEPA filter absorbs finer particles down to 0.1 microns, and the Carbon filter specializes in odors removing odors and smoke The fan will emit cleaner, healthier air within the smoking cabin after going through the following three steps of filtering. This is a fantastic purchase for better indoor air quality. 

How our smoking cabin works

How our smoking cabin works

3. Reduce the possibility of a fire

Smokers are more likely to smoke cigarettes in secret areas if an appropriate smoking spot is not provided. For example, in the restroom, the emergency escape, or any other concealed location rarely used by other guests or staff. 

This may pose a risk to your office building since they may drop their cigarette butts on the ground or other combustible surfaces. This may result in a fire. 

4. Relocation is simple

We have a solution for you if you don’t think you have enough room to construct a dedicated smoking area. Smoking cabins are available for both outdoor and indoor use at Smoke Solution. They’re simple to set up and move to any location you like. You may also arrange a smoking cabin in the size that best matches your requirements. 


So, what are you waiting for? 

Tell us your smoke problem with us, our team will help you to choose the right smoking cabin to your needs! 

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