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Tips to Maintain Indoor Air During Halloween Party

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As a celebration that comes once a year, Halloween has always been awaited by everyone, no matter what age they are. Kids, parents, elders, even though they are from different generations, they are all very much looking forward to this celebration.    

Thus, when planning a Halloween party, keep a reminder to make sure your HVAC system is working well so that your family and friends can enjoy the party all day. Here are some tips for maintaining indoor air quality during a Halloween party: 

Tips to maintain Indoor Air Quality 

Halloween decorations usually have an impact on the air quality of your unit. For example, candles, oil-burning lamps, and fog machines are the essential decorations that must be used.  

In most cases, the HVAC system will have difficulty managing temperature when you are using fog machines. The reason is that the misting in the fog machine increases humidity, which impacts your HVAC and also brings a lot of pollutants into the air. 

For tips, try to avoid a fog machine that uses “fog juice”, but if there are no other options and you need to use a fog machine for decoration purposes, it is highly recommended that you replace your air filter as soon as possible. Not only is changing the air filter a smart move, but it is also effective for air quality tips. 

During Halloween, especially the fall season, it is a good time to update air filters because there are new allergens in the air and you will be using the furnace more often. Another tip for air quality is to do research on the types of air filters when you are going to replace the old ones. It is better to use a more effective filter and also put on an air purifier for your heating unit and air conditioning set up will help a lot with your HVAC efficiency. 

Heat Management during Halloween Party 

Finally, in addition to indoor air quality tips, the frequency of opening doors during a Halloween party plays a big role in your HVAC system efficiency. Apparently, keeping the door closed more will prevent your HVAC unit from working too hard, and it can be one of the air qualities tips. 

For example, rather than leaving the door open all night, it is preferable to use decorations or signs to let the kids know they can come up and ask for tricks or treats. After all, outdoor air, particularly in the fall, contains a high concentration of allergens, so opening the door during this season is strongly discouraged. The more they come in, the more they will affect the indoor air quality inside your house.  

When hosting a Halloween party in your house, remember that there will be a lot of people in one room. They will be pacing around, dancing, moving from one room to another, which can cause heat. As indoor air quality tips, an HVAC system is not necessarily needed during a Halloween party. This way, you may reconsider turning down your heater unit. 


The Halloween party is all fun and spooky, but it will be more enjoyable if you keep your indoor air clean and fresh. Quality time with the family is needed, but quality indoor air is essential. 

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