General Air-Purification

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The Tower Series

General Air Purification Units

Our Tower Series is a top-performing, portable, general-purpose air purification system capturing airborne contaminants such as dust, bacteria, virus, pollen, volatile organic compounds, tobacco smoke, food and alcohol odours.

Maximum Power for Best Air Quality

Equipped with our innovative, three-phase filtering system, Tower Series units remove 99.995% of all airborne micro-particles (down to 0.3um) leaving the air clean and fresh to breathe. It comprises a set of activated carbon cylinder filters and HEPA 13 filters with an air flow of 600 – 2000 m3/hour.

Digital Display – Air Control at Your Finger Tips

With EasyDisplay all settings are intuitively made and the control of air is done by the touch of your finger. The user-interface is easy to read and understand.

Easy to Roll and Move

Tower Series units are fitted with durable high-quality castors making each unit mobile and flexible. Furthermore, its minimalist Danish design ensures discrete fitting into any interior.

Indoor Air Purifier

Effective Removal of Air-Pollutants

Even though no single global standard for clean air exists, there are many different definitions of clean air. The air quality outdoors varies depending on emissions from industries nearby, traffic exhaust and local regulation. Indoors, the air quality can be two to five times – and occasionally up to 100 times – more polluted than the air outside according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Studies show that breathing clean air can contribute to your health and well-being. Using a Tower Series air purifier that removes airborne pollutants can go a long way toward helping you breathe healthier.

What you don’t see can hurt you, and air pollution is a major risk to your health. By breathing cleaner air, the World Health Organization states that you can reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and respiratory diseases such as asthma. An air purifier from the Tower Series removes airborne pollutants and thereby greatly reduces the health effects associated with breathing bad indoor air.

The most common indoor air pollutants are combustion products, biological particles from mould, pet dander, pollen, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), lead dust and asbestos. Indoor air may also contain over 900 different types of gaseous chemicals and particulate matter smaller than 2.5 microns (PM2.5), according to The European Commission Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks. Breathing in tiny, unseen pollutants puts you at risk. These pass through your lung tissue and into your bloodstream, circulating through your body and staying there. The orange circle above represents the size of the average human hair with a diameter of 60 microns, which makes it huge if you compare it to particulate matter.


Paints, solvents and cleaning products

Inhaling vapours can lead to headache, nausea and allergic reactions. Long-term exposure can lead to chronic diseases.


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Gaseous chemicals emitted from vehicles, industry, building materials and furniture can be carcinogenic and cause damage to internal organs.


Dust Mites

Dust mites are insect-like pests that live in pillows, mattresses, carpets and other soft materials. An air purifier can help trap them before they get too comfortable in your home.


Tobacco Smoke

In addition to its connection to cancer, tobacco smoke can cause or worsen serious health conditions, including respiratory infections and asthma. An air purifier can get rid of odours and lingering particles caused by cigarette smoke.



Common sources of odour in indoor environments are known as volatile organic compounds, VOCs. An air purifier is a great way to eliminate harmful gasses and unwanted odours from your indoor environment.


Bacteria and Virus

Airborne bacteria and virus cause diseases and aggravate allergies or asthma symptoms. Research shows that airflow and ventilations dramatically impact how diseases spread indoors.

Air Purifier - Tower Series
Air Purifier - Tower Series
Air Purifier - Tower Series
Air Purifier - Tower Series
Air Purifier - Tower Series

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