Redesigning Smoking Room: How To Make Your Indoor Area Smoke-Free

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Are you currently tackling the problems of smoking pollution in your indoor area? If yes, here are some ideas to make your indoor area a smoke-free environment that can be more safe for your health. 

Creating a smoke-free environment will increase your wellbeing since the pollution from the smoking room can affect your health. For instance, in a longterm this can cause heart disease, fertility problems, and others. Here are some ways to make your indoor area be more smoke-free:

1. Make Smoke-Free Policies

First, you can make smoke-free policies to make your indoor area smoke-free. If you live with smokers, you can ask them to smoke in the designated smoking room or in the outdoor area. 

Smooking indoors will result in the contamination of the air. Therefore, always go outdoors or make sure that the room is separated from the others so you won’t create secondhand smokers.

2. Change Your Smoking Routines

Big changes start from small habits, including your smoking routines. To create a smoking-free environment, you can change your smoking routines. For instance, you usually smoke one cigarette after waking up, you can go brush your teeth or eat breakfast instead.

3. Clean the Smoking Room

Last, do not forget to clean the smoking room to get rid of the smell. To clean the air, you can also instal air purifier at your home. Do not forget to wash your clothes, trousers, towels to remove the smell of the tobacco.

4. Quit Smoking and Have a Better Life

Quit smoking will result in a better well being, both physically and mentally. However, quitting your smoking habits needs commitment and consistency to get the best result. Make smoke-free policies, change your routine, and consistently clean your room are ways to make your indoor area be smoking-free. Good luck! 

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