Airport Terminal

Airport with smoking lounges

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Facing with increasing stringent smoking policies at the airports, smoking is basically prohibited in most of the terminal buildings. However, an airport that fail to provide smoking facilities may risk...

Smoking in the workplace

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Employers concerned about their employees may be able to improve their health and help them be more productive by creating tobacco-free workplaces. However, while a smoke-free working area is may...

Smoking Laws

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Secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure causes lung cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases in non-smoking adults and children. To combat the issue, there are increasingly strict regulations on public smoking and smoking laws that...
Designated Smoking Area by Smoke Solution

Should smoking be banned?

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The attitude to smoking is always divided. The pro-smoking group insists the relaxation feeling that only cigarettes can bring, while those who it highlight the harmful effects to the body.However,...
SR65 at Hotel Smoking Room Lobby

Why smoking area is needed?

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Different business sectors are becoming more aware of the health and safety practices at the workplace that protect employees. Tobacco cessation is ideally considered to be one of the most...

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