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Why are Smoking Cabins needed in the Airports?

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Airports are some of the most crowded places in the world and according to the IATA, the number of people who flew in 2017 was about 4 billion which means that there are about 10.000.000 people going through airports every day worldwide.

According to Nigel Dolby, the passengers spend around 133 minutes from arrival until an aircraft’s doors are closed, it is down from 150 minutes in 2013. Mostly, the passengers take 30 minutes to one hour after the security check to wait for their flight. That is why airports usually provide many facilities to please their visitors to get rid of their boredom, fatigue, and time while waiting for their flight. Most of the airport terminals have restaurants, coffee shops, shopping stores, Wi-Fi, and even a smoking area or a smoking cabin.

The smoking cabin is a solution that can help airports to provide a designated smoking area for smokers. By providing smoke cabins in the terminal areas can reduce the number of people smoking in restricted areas or in-flight smoking. In-flight smoking is dangerous both to the airplane crews and passengers because it can cause a fire in the airplane why it is also forbidden. However, not all of the airport’s terminals provide a smoking area to please smokers and makes the smokers forced to go outside the airports to smoke cigarettes or smoking in the restricted areas.

When smokers have to go outside the building to smoke cigarettes they most likely do it at the entrance area and make the entrance polluted, smelly and dirty. Furthermore, smokers usually do not have their own portable ashtray or might not use the provided ashtray. Instead, they throw cigarette ends on the ground which makes the entrance look filthy and give a poor first impression to the visitors.

A smoking area is a solution to prevent those actions. Indoor and outdoor smoke cabins are a great solution to keep the airport environment clean, smoke-free and odourless without worrying about any complaints from the non-smoker visitors and keep the areas clean, smokeless and odourless.

Smoke Cabin in Billund Airport

A smoke cabin is a great investment for the airports to please their visitors who smoke and still keep the terminals clean and smoke-free. Most importantly, by having a smoking cabin in the airport, the airport will look more concerned about other visitors from exposure to secondhand smoke.

Here are some of the benefits of using a smoking cabin at the airport:

  • Smoke-free and Odourless

By providing a smoking cabin in the terminals will keep the environment smoke-free and odourless.

  • Clean terminal

The terminal airports will stay clean and tidy without smoke, cigarette ends and ashes all over the floor

  • No wasted time

The smoking cabin is not only for the passengers but also for the employees. So, the employees can smoke their cigarettes in the smoking cabin without going outside the building.

  • Increasing revenue

Increasing revenues as smokers will stay inside the building and have more time for shopping and relax in bars/restaurants.

  • No Secondhand Smoke

The airport will be safe from secondhand smoke and keep the environment of the terminal clean and healthy.

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