The Dangers of Cigarette Butts in our Environment

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Cigarettes threaten not only the wellbeing of smokers and those around them, but also the environment’s long-term viability. 

Few people are aware that cigarette ends are the most plastic-polluted on the globe, with about 4.5 trillion cigarette ends littered each year, making them the most pervasive source of plastic waste on the planet. 

The impact of cigarette ends to our environment 

1. Marine life 

Cigarettes contain hundreds of harmful chemicals, which would be swept out and end up in the ocean if poorly disposed of in waterways. Chemicals leaching from cigarette ends have been shown to be toxic to freshwater and aquatic animals, according to a survey published in 2011.  Cigarette ends with no residual tobacco are harmful at levels of 2 to 4 ends per litter, and unsmoked filters with no residual tobacco are toxic at levels of 5 to 13 ends per litter. 

2. Pollution 

According to National Geographic, trillions of cigarette butts are discarded into the ocean each year, where they leach nicotine and heavy metals before becoming microplastic waste. 

Cigarette ends can take up to ten years to fully decay, and the chemicals emitted by cigarette ends can persist in the ecosystem for several years after the cigarette has been discarded.

3. Plastic Waste 

Cigarette ends are made of cellulose acetate, a synthetic plastic that contains hundreds of poisonous chemicals that can take up to ten years to degrade. Cities expend between $3 million and $16 million on tobacco cleanup to reduce the amount of plastic waste. Cleaning up cigarettes is expensive.  

Solution to the cigarette ends disposale 

There are many ways to reduce cigarette end waste, including bettering cigarette end disposal control and funding non-governmental organizations that recycle cigarette ends. 

Furthermore, Smoke Solution provides smoke cabins that not only allow smokers to smoke their cigarettes safely while shielding non-smokers from secondhand smoke, but also come with fireproof ashtrays that can collect up to 8.000 cigarette ends, making cigarette waste disposal simpler. 

Our groundbreaking Smoke Cabins, we claim, are not only enhancing the cleaner indoor air quality in business areas, but also shielding our environment from the harmful effects of tobacco pollutants. 

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