The Ultimate Guide to Airport Smoke Cabin Design: What to Consider and How to Build

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Airports are one of the few places where smoking is still allowed. Unfortunately, this also means that smokers are most likely going to be put in their own designated area. As a designer tasked with designing the smoke cabin that will hold these smokers, you’ll need to know what to consider and how to build your design to make it effective. There are some things you need to know about the airport smoke cabin design before getting started 

Designing the airport’s smoking cabin 

When designing an airport’s smoking cabin, you’ll need to know how much space each smoker needs. The size of the cabin will depend on the number of smokers that need to hold. You may want to create a larger smoking area for those who are waiting for their flights as this is because they are more likely to be there for a longer period of time and may get agitated with a tight space. The interior of an airport smoke cabin should be also aesthetically pleasing, with calming colours and textures. Don’t forget about those with allergies! If you’re going to put up signage inside the cabin, make sure that all the text is readable from afar in case someone has allergies that might trigger from seeing certain words or pictures too closely.

Considerations for designing the airport’s smoking cabin

Designing an airport’s smoking cabin is a difficult task to undertake. Not only you need to make it comfortable for the smokers, but you also want to make it accessible for everyone else. For every smoker that enters, there are non-smokers who need access as well. There should be enough space in the cabin so that smokers can enjoy their cigarettes without bothering others entering or exiting the cabin. You’ll also need to provide some calming and relaxing areas inside of the smoke cabin. 

The interior of the airport’s smoking cabin

While the exterior of the airport’s smoking cabin is not likely to be seen by many people, the interior will be seen by many. Therefore, it is important to make sure that things like the colour scheme and design are aesthetically pleasing. The inside of an airport smoke cabin should also be easy to navigate in case travellers need assistance. 

If you’re designing a smoking cabin in an airport, there are some considerations to keep in mind. Should the cabin be accessible without going through security? Does the design need to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers? Is smoking allowed in any other part of the airport? If there are considerations like these, it might be time to custom your needed smoke cabin with Smoke Solution company that has been experienced for many years, giving solutions to the customers worldwide.   

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