Is It Time to Install an Indoor Smoke Cabin at Your Workplace?

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Is your workplace struggling with accommodating smokers and non-smokers? Whether you run an office building, a restaurant, or any other establishment that’s in the habit of having smokers and non-smokers come in contact with each other on a regular basis, this problem can be frustrating to deal with. As the smoker, it can be challenging to find somewhere private to smoke. While as the non-smoker, it can be just as frustrating not to have access to every part of the facility without being exposed to secondhand smoke from others. You can keep everyone happy by setting up and installing a designated smoking, free standing indoor smoke cabins in your office.  

Most businesses want to provide their employees with a designated smoking cabin. These smoking cabins need to be certified and fire proof as we need to consider the structural connections with other buildings or interior areas. The idea is that it can be accessed both smokers and non-smokers alike to get their jobs done without fear of having smoke infiltrate their work spaces.  

Anybody who has tried working in a confined space with smokers understands how distracting and uncomfortable it can be. Even if you’re not a smoker, you’ve probably been exposed to secondhand smoke in some way or another. So, why is that some businesses feel compelled to allow smoking indoors when they could easily install their own enclosed space, smoke cabin for employees and customers who want somewhere private to relax. There are multiple options for businesses of all sizes of smoke cabins nowadays! 

The smoke cabin set up should be in a place that is central to most activity in your workplace and be easy for smokers and non-smokers alike to access. Next, choose a smoke cabin according to what we need by customize it if necessary, and then get installation help from someone who knows what they’re doing. If you can, take measurements yourself so that you can provide these to your installer; mistakes will happen regardless but having some knowledge of what needs installing will help reduce errors. Once installed and thoroughly cleaned, employees should be educated on smoke cabin use policies so that everyone can still work together peacefully. 

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