How to Set Up A Smoking Area at Restaurants?

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Some might think it is rude to smoke in restaurants, and it must not be allowed. The smoke will be harmful to others in the area. So, why don’t you make two separate areas for a no-smoking area and for a smoking area at your restaurant? 

People can pick the place whether they want to smoke and enjoy the cigar, or just eat peacefully. It is also to prevent the smoke from spreading to other corners of the room so that your non-smokers’ customers are not bothered by the smoke. 

Install Good Ventilation  

Air quality might be poor inside the area full of smokers, so before thinking about designing the room, you have to think about installing a proper ventilation system that will evacuate smoke effectively. You can use a simple window-mounted exhaust fan, but if there is no window, you can consider a more complex air ventilation system. The high-quality air-purifying system will help to clear the air. 

Design the Smoking Area  

Depend on your provided place in your restaurants. If your restaurant has such a large outdoor space or little outdoor space, you can try to install the outdoor smoking cabin from Smoke Solution. 

With the outdoor smoking cabin, you can manage your restaurant’s environment as cozy as ever. As long as the room is an open area, design it as cool as Danish classic style. 

Accessories and Furniture for A Smoking Area  

Be careful in selecting the accessories and furniture for a smoking area at your restaurant, make it as simple as it can be. Everything must guide to a comfortable stay. 

You don’t need too many accessories in the smoking room if you want it to just feel cozy. Our smoking cabin is designated that match with the restaurant’s environment. Therefore, our smoking cabin is included with flammable ashtrays since this room is designed for smokers. 

For the material, our smoking cabin are made of wood veneer that is not easy to burn that can fire down your restaurant. Smoke Solution only choose a high-quality materials that guarantees a long service life. 

What about the indoor designated smoking area? Luckily, Smoke Solution offers various types of indoor smoking cabin areas that are suitable for your restaurants. They are equipped with the three stages of air filter that can absorb and remove smoke and chemicals from tobacco. 


Setting up a smoking area needs a lot to consider. You can’t just set it up like a regular room. You need to think about the material of the furniture and accessories that is uneasy-burned. Cozy is important, but safety is way more important. 

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