Could an Indoor Smoking Cabin at shopping mall be a Good Idea? - An Indoor smoking cabins at shopping malls have been proposed by many as an alternative for smokers who want to indulge in their vice without hurting others or posing a threat to their families. So, could an indoor smoking cabin be a good idea?
The Ideal Room Size for Indoor Smoke Cabin Application - If you are looking to operate a smoke cabin as part of an existing commercial property, it is essential that you choose an interior layout that not only accommodates the layout of your unit, but also any other spaces that are already present within the building.
Why the Indoor Smoke Cabin Might Be the Answer to Our Public Smoking Problem - Today, we’re going to talk about something that might just be the answer to our public smoking problem: The Indoor Smoke Cabin.
An Indoor Smoking Cabin at a Mall? SPArea Series from Smoke Solution Can Be Considered - Smoke Solution has developed SPArea Series smoke cabin which can be installed in any location without having to worry about air quality or maintenance. These systems can help you create an indoor smoking area at your mall that is both effective and easy to manage
Smoke Solution’s SQ Series Can Be the Ultimate Smoking Solution! - The SQ series from Smoke Solution is one such invention. This product brings together smokers to light up and enjoy their cigars, without sacrificing the quality and convenience.
The Benefits of Indoor Smoke Cabin: A Complete Guide - Smoke cabins are such a popular choice that offer smokers an environment where they can smoke without damaging anyone else’s health or property. If you're interested in finding out more about this trend, here are some information about smoke cabins used for smoking cigarettes and other substances.
The Solution to Polluted Air in Your Homes and offices - There are many ways in which you can make your space cleaner and more agreeable. Let’s explore and get to know the smoke cabin solution option.
A Deep Dive into the Types of Smoking Cabin Design - Learn about the different types, factors to consider when designing them, how they compare, and different variations on the theme of the smoking cabin.
Is It Time to Install an Indoor Smoke Cabin at Your Workplace? - You can keep everyone happy by setting up and installing a designated smoking, free standing indoor smoke cabins in your office. 
Smoking Room or Smoking Cabin: Which One is Better? - Here's what you need to know about smoking rooms vs. smoking cabins before deciding which one to buy for yourself or loved ones.
Smoking Lounge in Dubai New Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Smoke Solution is growing in the Middle East where we have recently installed three full indoor/outdoor cabin systems.
Smoke Shelter by Smoke Solution Outdoor Smoking Cabins in Abu Dhabi - During the last quarter of 2018 we installed our first outdoor cabins in Abu Dhabi Airport.
Airport Expo Jakarta - Airports have traditionally been one of Smoke Solutions most active segments with installations in numerous airports worldwide.
Smoke Solution Now ISO 14001 Certified - In our process of ISO certification, we aimed at two standards: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
Smoke Solution Now ISO 9001 Certified - We are happy to announce that we now have obtained the attractive ISO 9001 certification.
Smoke Solution Airport Show Dubai Dubai Airport Show 2017 - Today was the first day at Dubai Airport Show - and what a great day! Here's a video of some of the highlights from the Pavilion of Denmark
Pavilion of Denmark Pavilion of Denmark at Dubai Airport Show - The Pavilion of Denmark is almost ready for Dubai Airport Show, which kicks off tomorrow at DICEC.

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