Here are the 4 reasons why investing in smoking cabins makes good commercial sense! - Smoke Solution is a manufacturer of an innovative smoking cabin with the aim to provide a comfortably smoking area and to improve indoor air quality in business areas.
The Dangers of Cigarette Butts in our Environment - Cigarettes ends are the most plastic littered on the planet that are endanger to the sustainability of our environment.
Meet our Pro Hepa Filter that is Efficient in Removing Virus - The uses of HEPA filter during the pandemic of SARS-COV-2 (Covid-19) is increasing as it is trusted to remove bacteria and virus in the air. Learn more about how effective HEPA filter in removing virus.
A tale of indoor pollution on cruise ships (worse than Beijing) - Did you know that the level of air particulate matter on the cruise ship’s deck is worse than Beijing?
Back to Work at The Office During Covid-19 Pandemic - Companies are reopening their offices so that employees can operate from work yet again. Even if some people disagree, several methods can be used to reduce the spread of infections in the workplace.
How to work from home – comfortably - Working from home (WFH) can also mean working from bed (WFB) for those people who prefer the coziness and convenient setup.
4 Tips to Set Up a Comfortable “Home Office” - With the coronavirus epidemic, several people have begun to work from home. Many individuals, however, believe that working from home is inefficient. Here are few suggestions for increasing productivity when working from home.
The problem with air pollution in Casino - Casinos are similar to indoor theme parks for adults, with attractions such as musical performances, lighted fountains, shopping centers, luxurious hotels, and elaborate concepts.
Smoking Ban Confusion in Malaysia - Since 2018, Malaysia's Health Ministry has implemented anti-smoking laws, including the "three-meter" rule, which must be followed throughout all public buildings. Despite the Ministry's development of a video guide, company owners are still unsure how to comply with the regulations.
Stop Covid-19 Know more about Covid-19 - The pandemic of covid-19 is still continuing up now. Even though it is already one year, many people are still confused about the covid-19. Here is the explanation about covid-19 and how it spreads.
Smoking Lounge in Dubai New Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Smoke Solution is growing in the Middle East where we have recently installed three full indoor/outdoor cabin systems.
Outdoor Smoking Area by Smoke Solution Outdoor Smoking Cabins in Abu Dhabi - During the last quarter of 2018 we installed our first outdoor cabins in Abu Dhabi Airport.
Airport Expo Jakarta - Airports have traditionally been one of Smoke Solutions most active segments with installations in numerous airports worldwide.
Smoke Solution Now ISO 14001 Certified - In our process of ISO certification, we aimed at two standards: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
Smoke Solution Now ISO 9001 Certified - We are happy to announce that we now have obtained the attractive ISO 9001 certification.
Smoke Solution Airport Show Dubai Dubai Airport Show 2017 - Today was the first day at Dubai Airport Show - and what a great day! Here's a video of some of the highlights from the Pavilion of Denmark
Pavilion of Denmark Pavilion of Denmark at Dubai Airport Show - The Pavilion of Denmark is almost ready for Dubai Airport Show, which kicks off tomorrow at DICEC.

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