Winter Air Pollution: Why It’s Getting Worse in the Cold Season? - What is winter air pollution? Here are things you should know about winter air pollution and the reason why it is worse in the winter season.
Halloween Things That Are Polluting Your Home - Spooky-themed makes the atmosphere eerie. Believe it or not, be careful since some Halloween things can be polluting your home!
Halloween Party with Coworkers Tips to Maintain Indoor Air During Halloween Party - Keep your home comfortable and breathe easily during the Halloween party. Check out some tips to maintain indoor air!
Does Your Workplace Need an Outdoor Smoking Shelter a Distancefrom the Building? - Are you looking for an outdoor smoking shelter a distance from the building at a competitiveprice? Check our products to get the best smoking solution!
How to Maintain Your HVAC During Halloween Party - Indoor air quality can keep us comfy and healthy by maintaining HVAC. Thus, consider the things below before you decorate for Halloween!
Three Smart Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality During the Pandemic - During the COVID-19 pandemic, indoor air quality has been the most talked-about problem among the public. The hazardous particles in the air, such as dust, bacteria, and viruses, endanger our health.  The epidemic changed our usual lives and required us to adapt to a “New Normal” in which we must observe the World Health Organization’s […]
Does IQOS Not Produce Secondhand Smoke? - In recent years, a modern smoking device called IQOS is becoming a trend among young people.
Smoking Cabin by Smoke Solution in Airport Providing Smoke Cabin in the Workplace and Airports - The best way to prevent second-hand smoking in public places is by providing smoke cabins, which Smoke Solution believes will be prevalent in the future of smoking.
Smoke Shelter in Airport SQ 280 in Rødovre Centrum Mall - In 2007, Denmark made a new system called “smoke-free environment” in offices and public areas.
All About Smoking Cabins & Why Your Business Needs One - You may have heard of smoking cabins. After all, more businesses worldwide are setting up smoke cabins in their workplace. But what are they?
Smoking Lounge in Dubai New Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Smoke Solution is growing in the Middle East where we have recently installed three full indoor/outdoor cabin systems.
Smoke Shelter by Smoke Solution Outdoor Smoking Cabins in Abu Dhabi - During the last quarter of 2018 we installed our first outdoor cabins in Abu Dhabi Airport.
Airport Expo Jakarta - Airports have traditionally been one of Smoke Solutions most active segments with installations in numerous airports worldwide.
Smoke Solution Now ISO 14001 Certified - In our process of ISO certification, we aimed at two standards: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
Smoke Solution Now ISO 9001 Certified - We are happy to announce that we now have obtained the attractive ISO 9001 certification.
Smoke Solution Airport Show Dubai Dubai Airport Show 2017 - Today was the first day at Dubai Airport Show - and what a great day! Here's a video of some of the highlights from the Pavilion of Denmark
Pavilion of Denmark Pavilion of Denmark at Dubai Airport Show - The Pavilion of Denmark is almost ready for Dubai Airport Show, which kicks off tomorrow at DICEC.

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