Is It Time to Install an Indoor Smoke Cabin at Your Workplace? - You can keep everyone happy by setting up and installing a designated smoking, free standing indoor smoke cabins in your office. 
Smoking Room or Smoking Cabin: Which One is Better? - Here's what you need to know about smoking rooms vs. smoking cabins before deciding which one to buy for yourself or loved ones.
What Would Be the Ideal Smoking Cabin in Public Places? - The ideal smoking cabin in public places is by designing one based on the needs.
Designated Smoke Cabins: The Solution to Smoking Cessation? - In order to address the issues with designated smoking cabin, there are some things you can consider when designing your space.
The Ultimate Guide to Airport Smoke Cabin Design: What to Consider and How to Build - There are some things you need to know about the airport smoke cabin design before getting started
Smoke cabins – What are they? - if you want to smoke indoors or out, doesn’t it make sense that you should use an indoor or outdoor smoke cabin? We’ll help you understand what sets them apart and which one will be the best for your needs
Smoke Cabin in Offices by Smoke Solution An indoor Smoke Cabin for homes and offices - Smoke cabins are beneficial to those who want to quit smoking as it provides them with a safe space where they can indulge in smoking without risking the health of others.
Active and passive smokers. Who suffer more? - Both active and passive smokers have the same health risk of smoking.
Dealing with smoking habit for better environment - Smoking habit is also one of the biggest contributors to air pollution, because cigarette smoke produces 10 times more air pollution than diesel car exhaust.
How to Encourage Proper Cigarette Butt Disposal in the Workplace - there are some preventions to handle the cigarette butt disposal in the workplace
Smoking Lounge in Dubai New Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Smoke Solution is growing in the Middle East where we have recently installed three full indoor/outdoor cabin systems.
Smoke Shelter by Smoke Solution Outdoor Smoking Cabins in Abu Dhabi - During the last quarter of 2018 we installed our first outdoor cabins in Abu Dhabi Airport.
Airport Expo Jakarta - Airports have traditionally been one of Smoke Solutions most active segments with installations in numerous airports worldwide.
Smoke Solution Now ISO 14001 Certified - In our process of ISO certification, we aimed at two standards: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
Smoke Solution Now ISO 9001 Certified - We are happy to announce that we now have obtained the attractive ISO 9001 certification.
Smoke Solution Airport Show Dubai Dubai Airport Show 2017 - Today was the first day at Dubai Airport Show - and what a great day! Here's a video of some of the highlights from the Pavilion of Denmark
Pavilion of Denmark Pavilion of Denmark at Dubai Airport Show - The Pavilion of Denmark is almost ready for Dubai Airport Show, which kicks off tomorrow at DICEC.

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