Outdoor Smoking Cabins

SQ Series

Our outdoor smoke cabins offer safe, convenient spaces for several smokers simultaneously. They follow the same strict design and manufacturing rules as our indoor smoking cabins including improved safety and fireproofing.

Furthermore, the same filters and spare parts are used making it convenient for customers having both our indoor and outdoor smoking cabins.

In sizes starting from 6.25 m2 our outdoor cabins can accommodate 4-12 simultaneous users.



Dimensions (W x D x H) 2460 x 2400 x 2715 mm
Main housing material Frame housing : Steel SPCC 1.5m

Panel                  : Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Roof                   : 50mm sandwich panel

Main housing colours Frame housing : Powder coated steel RAL 9005 (Black) or RAL 9006 (Grey) Other colours are optional

Front                  : Grey-Mahogany, Black-Mahogany, Grey-Maple, Black-Maple

Glass 18mm double glazing
Fireproofing Non-flammable materials
Power requirements – Consumption 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Standby              : ≤ 40 W – Max speed: ≤ 500 W – Light: LED 4 x 5W
Air Conditioner : Ceiling Concealed 1.5 Tons, R410A, Capacity: 18000Btu/h, 1780W – COP: 2.81
Max Total Power Consumption : 2300 W
Sound pressure/power per fan speed When in stand-by 41.5 dB – When running 49.5 dB
Fan motor Centrifugal, backward curved, IP54, Class “F”
Control Automatic start/stop of filtering by detection. Sensor: the timer switches off lights automatically and filters are set to stand-by mode to save electricity. When sensors detect any activity they will start up functions again. Timer can be set to control the light in the cabin. AC can be set with timer.
Air intake / outlet Dual suction from front panel and ceiling / Perforated slot hole from top roof
Air delivery 200-1200 m3/h
Air delivery (certified) 15-100 times/h
Leak tested Yes
Total system efficiency (certified) ≥ 99.95% for particles ≥ 0.3 microns (µm)
Air Circulate ±90% recycled air in the cabin, ±10% filtered fresh air from outside
Fireproof ashtray system capacity


7,000 cigarettes.

Safe ash handling system. Fireproof. No odours.

Simultaneous smokers 6 – 8 persons
Certification CE – According to DIN EN 13823, DIN EN 1364-1 – Tested and approved by BGIA

ISO certification in 2018: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Adjustability Variable airflow speeds for stand-by and running modes.
Power saving Sensor activation by entrance into the cabin reduces power consumption.
Door System Double–action swing door , close automatically
Roof 50mm sandwich panel roof, heat and water resistance coating (white)
Customisation LCD screen, foot rest, stickers, laminated glass, colours, filters etc.


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