Smoke Solutions That Keep Your Homes And Offices Safe from Pollution 0

Smoking in the house can add to the harmful gases produced in the room, in addition to outside pollutants entering your house. While you might have filtration or air purification systems in your house, a steady flow of fresh air is very important to have a healthy breathing environment in the house. For improving the Read More »


Wood 0

Top-quality wood and steel We use wooden panels with high quality and uniform design. MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is manufactured using a dry process in which wood fibres are mixed with natural glue and pressed in dry conditions. The thickness is 17 mm for front panel, 17 mm for the ceiling and 25 mm for Read More »

Glass 0

Tempered-glass We use top quality of 8mm tempered glass panels in our smoke cabins. The glass is an important part of making our design light and elegant.  The transparent look and modern design ensures our cabins blend easily into any surrounding. Frosted glass is optional and can be ordered separately. Tempered glass is a type Read More »


Material 0

Ashtray Filters Glass & Fiting Roof Sliding door Wood


Tests 0

Officially tried and tested All our products are subjected to a wide range of tests, including particle, gas and fire resistance tests.   We attained ISO 9001 certification in cialis online sales October 2009. Our smoke cabins have been tested and approved by the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, “BGIA”, in Germany.

Electricity 0

Electricity and sensor Our smoke cabins have very low energy requirements and they only require a normal 230V electrical outlet. Both the large-scale ventilator and computerized motor ensure that power consumption is significantly reduced and regulated by the integrated movement sensor. The LED spot lights and the high/low fan function are automatically turned on and Read More »


Noise level 0

Quiet and comfortable Our smoke cabins are very quiet and comfortable cialis online pills to use. The noise level is hardly noticeable and that makes the unit a perfect fit in any room. The sound level of a single standard unit – Stand-by (100 m3 air/hour)35.0 dB In function (400 m3 air/hour)41.5 dB In function Read More »