• Keeping Your Terminals Smoke-Free
  • Offering All Passengers a Pleasant Stay without Passive Smoking
  • Reducing Risk of Fire
  • Modular and Movable Freestanding Units


A System of Flexible Smoking Cabins and Lounge Units Keeping Your Terminals Smoke-Free and Passengers Happy

Flexibility and Design

Stress and discomfort among passengers, polluted entrances, security issues and revenue loss are a few of the typical challenges facing airports without well-planned indoor smoking areas.

Our smoking cabins offer an effective solution keeping your terminals smoke-free and your passengers and staff happy and unstressed.

In their elegant, Danish design our cabins blend in perfectly adding a visual edge to any modern airport interior. Highly modular, they can be installed in social areas, near cafés and in transit areas to ensure a stress less experience as well as clean, fresh air for all passengers.


The Many Challenges and Their Effective and User Friendly Solutions

Challenges and Solutions

Not having well-planned indoor smoking areas poses challenges for both passengers and airports. Such easily avoidable challenges affect all concerned negatively.

Our freestanding smoke cabins and smoking room units offer an effective solution to these challenges ensuring a positive experience for smokers as well as non-smokers.

Typical ChallengesEffective Solutions
STRESS: Stress and annoyance over tedious trips back and forth through security to often remote outdoor smoking areas.LESS STRESS: Stress and annoyance over tedious trips back and forth through security to often remote outdoor smoking areas. Provides more time for relaxing and shopping as well as enabling smokers/non-smokers to stay close together.
WASTED TIME: Wasted time that could have been spent better relaxing and shopping alone or with travel companions.NO WASTED TIME: Eliminates the long walks to outside smoking areas.
POLLUTED ENTRANCES: Polluted, smelly and crowded entrance areas as well as second-hand smoke for non-smokers.CLEAN ENTRANCES: Cleans up polluted entrance areas and removes second-hand smoke.
LONGER BREAKS: Longer smoking breaks for airport employees having to walk unnecessarily far to smoke.SHORTER BREAKS: Reduces the length of smoking breaks for airport employees.
SECURITY ISSUES: Increased security issues and time spent by security personnel to check smokers through repeatedly.INCREASED SECURITY: Increases security and reduces screening time spent by security personnel.
REVENUE LOSS: Potential loss of revenues from smokers in bars, restaurants and shops, while they waste their time outside smoking.BETTER REVENUES: Allows for better revenues as smokers will have more time for shopping and to relax in bars/restaurants.


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