• Keeping Your Mall Smoke-Free
  • Offering All Customers a Pleasant Stay without Passive Smoking
  • Reducing Risk of Fire
  • Modular and Movable Freestanding Units


A System of Flexible Smoking Cabins and Lounge Units Keeping Your Mall Smoke-Free and Customers Happy

Flexibility and Design

Many malls have implemented our modern and flexible solutions for indoor/outdoor smoking. This keeps the main areas completely smoke-free and makes all customers feel at home – smokers as well as non-smokers. Our certified filtering system guarantees a healthy, fresh and smoke-free environment.

We offer freestanding smoking cabins with sleek fire- and odour proof ashtrays and customized air purifying filtering systems for smoking rooms. We furthermore offer cabin solutions for outdoor use as well as general-purpose, mobile air-purifiers.


The Many Challenges and Their Effective and User Friendly Solutions

Challenges and Solutions

Not having well-planned indoor smoking areas poses challenges for both customers and malls. Such easily avoidable challenges affect all concerned negatively.

Our freestanding smoke cabins and smoking room units offer an effective solution to these challenges ensuring a positive experience for customers as well as malls.

Typical ChallengesEffective Solutions
POLLUTED ENTRANCES AND OUTDOOR AREAS: Polluted, smelly, and crowded entrance areas as well as second-hand smoke for non-smokers give a bad impression.CLEAN, ATTRACTIVE ENTRANCE AND OUTDOOR AREAS: Being met by a clean environment makes customers feel welcome and appreciated.
LOSS OF CUSTOMERS: Customers forced to go outside smoking may decide to go somewhere else or not come in the first place. Many customers will avoid non-smoking establishments altogether.STAYING CUSTOMERS: With our indoor smoking cabins, smokers and their fellow customers can stay together and interact safely in a fresh, smokeless environment. Customers stay longer.
LOSS OF REVENUES: Obviously, a loss of customers leads to a loss of revenues. Still, a significant amount of the population are smokers, and there really is no reason to exclude them.IMPROVED REVENUES: With indoor smoke cabins close by, smokers can relax smoking without any need to go outside and possibly leave the mall.
BAD IMAGE: Bad image due to a lack of accommodation for smokers. This is a quite common problem that is easily overlooked.IMPROVED IMAGE: It enhances the overall mall image as forthcoming and welcoming with improved service for everyone.


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