Our Wide-Range System of Flexible Smoking Cabins and Units


Our Solutions Are at Work in a Variety of Markets


Our Products Are Continuously Tested, Approved and Certified by Independent, International Test Laboratories

Smoke Solution’s cabins and units have been approved and certified by established, independent, international institutions regarding fire safety and level of filtration of gases and particles.

Continuous testing furthermore guarantees that our products live up to their high standard every time.

Fireproof ashtray tested and certified by DBI – The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology.
Tested and certified by IFA. ISO certification: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
CE according to DIN EN 13823, DIN EN 1364-1


Smoking cabins and lounges are rarely known for their architectural beauty and functional qualities. In the early 2000s we set out to change that. We teamed up with one of Denmark’s most talented designers, architect Jesper Wolff, with the aim of making beautiful smoking cabins of superior functionality.

The result is a system of highly modular smoking cabins and lounge units that fit into virtually any existing architecture and interior design.


A System of Modular Cabins and Lounge Units that Fit into Any Architecture and Interior


Superior engineering, craftsmanship, streamlined manufacturing and selection of the best components are the pillars of our high product quality. Meticulously designed, engineered and constructed with efficiency and longevity in mind.

All components from inside out are made using the finest, safest materials. From stainless steel and tempered safety glass to fireproofed ashtrays.



Testing and certification are thorough procedures to ensure that our products are according to the norms and standards.


We Give Our Customers Peace of Mind – Guaranteed

Standard or Customised

We offer and recommend our clients to sign up for one of our efficient, reliable service and maintenance solutions. Our five standard packages are based on average usage and ensure continuous and hassle-free operation of your smoking cabins.

Should a problem arise it will be solved immediately by Smoke Solution’s experienced technicians or certified partners.

We also offer customised solutions as well as one-time service and filter changes for clients who choose not to sign up for a regular service package.

Life-Long Guarantee

All our service packages are combined with a lifelong performance guarantee.

Not only does this ensure seamless, uninterrupted performance, it also provides peace of mind for our customers.

Smoke Cabin Service and Maintenance Packages


Our System of Flexible Smoking Cabins and Lounge Units are Currently
Keeping Thousands of Indoor/Outdoor Environments Free From Smoke

The Benefits of Clean Air

Smoke Solution, part of the Danish Longhi Group, has since its establishment in
Denmark in the early 2000s created groundbreaking, unprecedented solutions for
indoor/outdoor smoking and air purification.

We have reached this level through a continuous commitment to our core values.
Focus is on balanced combination of superior product quality, safety and innovative
Danish design hand in hand with modular functionality.

We are proud to offer solutions not only of the highest technical quality and safety,
but also unique in flexibility, functionality and design. Truly, Danish design at its best!

Martin Longhi


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