Smoking Zone Products by Smoke Solution
Top quality 8mm Tempered Glass panels.
High Level of Stainless Steel Fireproof Ashtrays and odourless. Furthermore, our unique ashtray is easily emptied and cleaned.

High quality Mahogany and Maple wood. The panels are glossy, anti-fungus, alcohol and water resistant.

Energy consumption of our smoke cabins is kept at lowest level and the only thing required for operation is a normal electrical outlet.

Automatic Motion Sensor ensures that power consumption is efficiently reduced and kept at a minimum.

Simple, Elegant &

Outstanding Features

Modular Flexibility

We understand each business is unique and has its own goal to achieve. This is why we provide customized solutions for our customers so that we deliver the products depend on what they want to.

Our smoke cabins are completely modular that can save your time, costs and spaces. They can be readily resized and relocated according to your business trends.

We also offer customised solutions, our customers can craft and generate the likeness of the smoke cabins. They can add their company’s logo, colours or use the cabin unit for advertising. There are many ways to make the smoke cabins personal. Different colour combinations and choices of materials are available upon request. Other options such as LED screen, frosted glass and so forth are also possible to accommodate personal needs and demands.

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Customised Solutions

We understand each business is unique and has its own goal to achieve

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We offer a wide range of products that can be used within different markets and segments.

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Every client is at the heart of our business.

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How The Smart Air Flow System works.

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Smoke Solution, established in Denmark 2001, is recognized as a world leading innovator and manufacturer of Smoke Cabins and air purifying equipment. We develop Smoke Cabins, Smoking Lounges and Air Purifiers based on exclusive timeless Scandinavian design and superior performance. We never compromise on quality or safety. Our exclusive design, superior performance and innovative technology make our products first choice for many customers around the world.

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