• Keeping Your Casino Smoke-Free
  • Offering All Guests a Pleasant Stay without Passive Smoking
  • Reducing Risk of Fire
  • Modular and Movable Freestanding Units


A System of Flexible Smoking Cabins and Lounge Units Keeping Your Casino Smoke-Free and Guests Happy and Stress Less

Flexibility and Design

We offer a proven way for casinos and cruise ships to better accommodate both smoking and non-smoking guests while increasing their revenues. Our uniquely designed smoking cabins and room units are a major contributor to not just a smokeless environment but a generally fresher, enhanced experience in numerous casinos around the world.

smoking cabin for casinos

A planned combination of our freestanding smoking cabins, smoking rooms equipped with tobacco filtering systems and smoke-free areas offer the best solution for all.

Ordinary ventilation systems may reduce the odour of tobacco smoke, but they do not remove gases in smoke or protect people from the health hazards of passive smoke. Our smoke solutions and filtering systems do. Casinos who offer these types of smoke solutions bring in more guests and the stay longer which means more business. We furthermore offer cabin solutions for outdoor use as well as general-purpose, mobile air-purifiers.


The Many Challenges and Their Effective and User Friendly Solutions

Challenges and Solutions

Not having well-planned indoor smoking areas poses challenges for both guests and casinos. Such easily avoidable challenges affect all concerned negatively.

Our freestanding smoke cabins and smoking room units offer an effective solution to these challenges ensuring a positive experience for guests as well as casinos.

Typical ChallengesEffective Solutions
FATIGUE AND DISCOMFORT: Ordinary ventilation systems may reduce the odor of tobacco smoke, but they do not remove gases in smoke or protect both guests and employees from the health hazards of passive smoking. Insufficient ventilation causes exhaustion and discomfort often motivating guests to leave the casino sooner than they normally would.FRESH ENERGY AND COMFORT: Clean air reduces health hazards and results in happier, energized guests and employees. Smokers as well as non-smokers are less motivated to leave due to bad air and stay longer in the casino.
LOSS OF GUESTS: Guests forced to go outside smoking may decide to leave the casino altogether often bringing fellow guests along.STAYING GUESTS: With indoor smoking facilities close to the action, smokers and their fellow guests can stay together and interact safely in a fresh ventilated environment. They are less tempted to leave the casino.
LOSS OF BAR REVENUES: When smokers leave the casino to smoke outside they cannot spend in the bar leading to revenue loss.IMPROVED BAR REVENUES: With indoor smoke cabins close to gaming tables and bar smokers can relax smoking while enjoying a drink.
BAD IMAGE: Bad image due to lack of service for smokers.IMPROVED IMAGE: It enhances the overall casino image as forthcoming and welcoming with improved service for everyone.


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