• Keeping Your Office Smoke-Free
  • Offering All Employees a Pleasant Stay
    without Passive Smoking
  • Reducing Risk of Fire
  • Modular and Movable Freestanding Units


A System of Flexible Smoking Cabins and Lounge Units Keeping Your Office Smoke-Free and Employees Happy

Flexibility and Design

We offer modern, uniquely designed smoking solutions for your office environment to enhance comfort for all, increase productivity while saving time and money. This will benefit the overall social and healthy atmosphere.

Cigarettes and ash are collected in fireproof ashtrays without leaving any odours. Scandinavian design with carefully crafted details, sensor-based energy saving technology and whisper-quiet operation make it easy to integrate in any office surroundings.We furthermore offer cabin solutions for outdoor use as well as general-purpose, mobile air-purifiers.


The Many Challenges and Their Effective and User Friendly Solutions

Challenges and Solutions

Not having well-planned indoor smoking areas poses challenges for both employees and offices. Such easily avoidable challenges affect all concerned negatively.

Our freestanding smoke cabins and smoking room units offer an effective solution to these challenges ensuring a positive experience for employees as well as offices.

Typical ChallengesEffective Solutions
FATIGUE AND DISCOMFORT: Ordinary ventilation systems may reduce the odor of tobacco smoke, but they do not remove gases in smoke or protect people from the health hazards of passive smoking. Insufficient ventilation causes colds, flu, and allergies as well as exhaustion/discomfort. All these lead to absence and less productivity.FRESH ENERGY AND PRODUCTIVITY: Clean air reduces health hazards and results in happier, more energized employees. This leads to less absence and higher productivity.
LONGER BREAKS: Longer smoking breaks for employees having to walk unnecessarily far to smoke. Longer breaks mean less time spent on actual work.SHORTER BREAKS: Reduces the length of smoking breaks and increases time spent on work tasks.
LACK OF BELONGING: Employees forced outside to smoke are momentarily separated from work and colleagues.SOCIAL INTERACTION: With indoor smoke cabins, smokers can easily interact with their non-smoking colleagues. Actually, with our smoking cabins placed strategically within the office space, non-productive smoke breaks can be converted into active work time.
LESS EFFICIENCY: Poorly ventilated areas use more energy for heating/cooling. Also, time spent on dusting/cleaning increases due to less efficient filtering and circulation of air.INCREASED EFFICIENCY: Clean air uses less heating/cooling energy, and time needed for dusting/cleaning is significantly reduced.


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