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It’s All about Well-designed Atmosphere!

Smoking cabins and lounges are rarely known for their architectural beauty and functional qualities – in 2001 we set out to change that. We teamed up with one of Denmark’s most talented designers, architect Jesper Wolff, with the aim of making beautiful smoking cabins of superior quality and high functionality.

The result was a system of modular smoking cabins and lounge-units that fit into virtually any existing architecture and interior decoration.

High Quality Smoke Cabin Products

Superior Technical Quality and Craftsmanship:

  • The best possible materials
  • A high degree of craftsmanship, streamlined manufacturing and ongoing quality control

Reliable Engineering and Functionality:

  • Meticulously engineered and constructed with efficiency and longevity in mind
  • Very high functionality in all aspects of both safe and easy usage and maintenance

Innovative Danish Design:

  • Focus on elegance and minimalism
  • Unique – state of the art product
  • Compatibility with and an improvement of virtually any environment in which they are placed

High Flexibility:

  • A fully modular system of cabins and lounges
  • Easily extended or relocated to save time, cost and space – all that is needed is an electrical outlet
Best Smoke Cabin Products

Comfortable Atmosphere and Excellent Air Quality in The Smoking Area

Smoking Zone - Comfortable Atmosphere and Excellent Air Quality - SP Area
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