All About Smoking Cabins & Why Your Business Needs One

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You may have heard of smoking cabins. After all, more businesses worldwide are setting up smoke cabins in their workplace. But what are they? 

In a world where technology continues to offer solutions to problems, we have now the perfect answer to all your smoking-related issues. 

What is a Smoking Cabin?

A smoking cabin is a private compartment where smokers can freely smoke, without any airborne pollution being able to seep through the cabin walls. This allows you to accommodate smokers and non-smokers in the same area without sacrificing anyone’s comfort and safety. 

Unlike a regular smoking room, smoke cabins feature top-grade filtration systems that can protect even smokers from inhaling harmful fumes. Smoke Solution’s cabins can ensure that all smoke and odour remain inside the cabin so that non-smokers standing on the other side aren’t exposed to them. 

What Businesses Can Use a Smoking Cabin?

One of the finest aspects of Smoke Solution is that our smoking cabins can be used in a wide range of markets. Hotels, for example, may maintain a smoke-free environment while still providing convenient and dedicated cabins. Customers at restaurants may dine in peace without being exposed to passive smoking. 

Smoking cabins can also be strategically placed around an airport or retail centre. This allows smokers to have their own space while the rest of the passengers may breathe clean, fresh air. 

If you work in an office, our solutions are ideal since they shorten smoking breaks. Employees will enter a cabin to smoke, and only smoke, improving their efficiency at work. The same is true for industrial, manufacturing, and offshore applications. 

The Problem with Smoking

Cigarette litter is one of the most significant contributions to global trash. Did you realize that cigarettes make up roughly a third of all trash collected? Cleaning them up might cost anything from $3 to $16 million in the United States. 

By utilizing a smoke cabin, you may assist to reduce littering by making use of our cabins’ effective cigarette waste treatment. Another issue with smoking in public settings is that it jeopardizes other people’s safety and comfort. Even if they are physically far away from smokers, non-smokers might be affected by secondhand smoke. 

The Solution? Smoke Solution! 

Smoke Solution’s cabins allow smokers and non-smokers to coexist while keeping smoke and odour away from non-smokers. Even better, they’re still able to communicate with one another. This eliminates the need for parents to leave their children unattended while they smoke! 

Simultaneously, the cabin inside is equipped with cutting-edge technology that can purify the air within. As a result, smells will be reduced, and smokers will be able to exit without inhaling too much noxious cigarette smoke. 

Reputable labs and institutes have carefully tested, authorized, and verified our solutions. There’s no need to be concerned about fire safety or gas filtration because they’ve been constructed to the highest possible quality. 

So, are you all set to start building your Solution cabin? 

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