Designated Smoke Cabins: The Solution to Smoking Cessation?

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Smoking is a difficult habit to break. Unfortunately, it also causes serious health problems and can be hazardous to the health of others around you, especially if they are inside the same building with you. A designated smoking area might seem like the perfect solution to this problem. But is it really? 

Researches have shown that making an area specifically for smoking might not be as appealing as other options. One study found that smokers who were given a designated smoking area smoked more than those who had access to smoke-free office buildings! What can we do about this?  

In order to address the issues with designated smoking cabin, there are some things you can consider when designing your space.  

Designing a Smoke-free Place

Designating a smoking area is often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about how to make an office more smoker-friendly. Research has shown that smokers who are allowed to smoke in their offices will smoke more than those who have access to a smoke-free office. 

There are some things you can do to avoid this problem when designing your space. One option is to set up designated areas for smoking indoors and outdoors, so people can still enjoy their tobacco products in some capacity. This way, smokers won’t feel like they are being restricted from their habit. Another option is to design your space with smokers in mind by installing smoke cabin with filtered ventilation systems or adding windows that open for fresh air.

Technical Requirements

There are few things to think about when designing a smoke-free space: 

– Air Quality

The designated smoking cabin must have great filtration system so people don’t inhale cigarette fumes. Make sure the filtration ventilation system is always on to prevent second-hand smoke from accumulating and getting trapped. 

– Design

Use flooring material that is resistant to stains, and can be easily cleaned 

Social Policies

If you want to create a smoke-free environment, the best thing to do is make that clear. To avoid any confusion about where people are allowed to smoke, include a social policy on your website or in your office. Include stipulations like “Smoking is prohibited inside and/or within x meters of this building” or “No smoking in any form is permitted on these premises.” Additionally, you can provide designated smoking cabin that offer only the bare minimum of comfort for those who need it. This will help smokers be more content with their smoking experience. For example, you might have a smoke cabin on one side of the room with a low wall around it and ashtrays neatly placed. You could also offer an outdoor smoke cabin place on the yard or garden for these people to smoke outside in order to make sure they are not negatively impacting others. 

Designing an office space that is smoke free is not as easy as it might seem. You have to consider a number of factors and make sure you are catering to your employees’ needs. One of the most important considerations for designing a smoke-free building is fire protection for both indoor and outdoor smoke cabins. This eliminates the possibility of a fire getting started from careless conduct or from potential electrical malfunctions. Designated indoor and outdoor cabins by smoke solution would be one of the best options you must consider!   

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