How to Encourage Proper Cigarette Butt Disposal in the Workplace

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It is easy for someone to casually toss their spent cigarette butt onto your workplace area such as parking lot and garden area. However, there are some preventions to handle the cigarette butt disposal in the workplace.



Placing lots of smoking signage to not litter cigarette butts is the first thing we could consider. Simply find out where people are going to smoke, and put an official sign up that discourages littering. 


Cigarette Butt Receptacles 

You can also simply provide trash cans, ashtrays, or receptacles at your surrounding workplace.


Pocket Ashtrays 

This can be a good thing to be offered to the smokers at our workplace. The pocket ashtray will allow smokers to collect their ashes and butts, then they can properly dispose them later on. 


Provide a Designated Indoor/ outdoor Smoking Areas 

Having a designated smoking areas in your workplace can control cigarette butt disposal. Provide smoking area with filtering system and proper ashtrays can also lead people to dispose their cigarette litter properly. You will also get more benefit of preventing second hand smoke. 

It is not only those points that could prevent the cigarette butt disposal at your workplace, as there are many ways to handle this matter and it depends on the smoking behavior among all of us.  


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