Indoor Smoking Area in the Office: How To Create in a Simple Ways

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Providing a designated smoking area for employees would be nice thing in the office. Therefore, they can smoke comfortably without disturbing the others. When you are building a smoking room, it can be either an outdoor or indoor smoking room. 

Are you limited with the space? An indoor smoking area might be suitable for your employees. Here are some things you should adhere to before building an indoor smoking room.

1. Choosing Place

The first thing you should decide before creating a designated smoking lounge is the location or the place. Make sure that the room is isolated from other rooms to prevent the smoke from infiltrating the others. 

Usually, the smoking room is located in the basement. But, it’s also not limited to, if you rent a high building office, you can also design it on the upper level. To ensure the air circulation is well, you can choose the room that has lots of windows.

2. Air Circulation

The second thing you should prepare before creating an indoor smoking area is the air circulation. A good space for an indoor smoking room is a room that has open windows, so it can help the air circulation flow better. 

If the room has no open windows, you can also use ventilation systems such as an exhaust fan or attic fan. The fans will help to circulate the air better in your attic and ventilate your room better. Moreover, you can also connect your ventilation system to your HVAC system.

3. Furnitures

Third, do not forget about choosing the right furniture for your indoor smoking area. Soft surfaces furniture such as made from fabrics, wooden, bamboos are not recommended because it can be damaged when get burn. 

Therefore, you can choose hard surfaces furniture such as stone, glass, metal, or panels. They are also easier to be cleaned than soft surfaces furnitures. Talking about the colors, dark colors would be recommended because you can minimilaze the stain’s appearance.

4. Cleaners

The last important thing about designing an indoor smoking room is about the cleaners. Make sure that the room has air cleaner, so the air condition will always stay fresh inside the room. If you have an extra budget, you can also install a premium air-handling system so it can make the air circulation better that the simple exhaust fan. 

A Comfortable Indoor Smoking Area 

Providing an indoor smoking area in the office would be beneficial for your employeers because they feel noticed. However, before creating a smoking room you should decide several things such as the place, air circulation, finishing, and cleaners to make the room always feel comfortable. 

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