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We all know, the pandemic of covid-19 has been going on for over one year. The researchers from around the world are competing to develop the vaccine of covid-19 so, all of us can live like we used to be. 

Those researchers are tireless to keep doing research to solve the mystery of covid-19. Yet, there are still lack information about the covid-19 and we have to follow the who regulations to prevent the spread of covid-19. 

How does Covid-19 spread? 

Covid-19 can spread through direct contact from the infected people you met by their droplets and the contaminated air or you can get infected through indirect contact by touching contaminated surfaces such as table or handle door then touching your face. 

What is the size of Covid-19? 

Coronavirus particles between 0.006 micron to 0.14 micron in diameter. As you can see in the picture below, the coronavirus particles are smaller than PM 2.5 and makes the covid-19 invisible to the human eyes so, we must be aware.

How Long does the Covid-19 Remain in the Air? 

A recent study by the researchers at the National Institutes of Health has found that particles of the coronavirus released by droplets from individual when talking, sneezing, or coughing can remain in the air for 8 to 14 minutes. Aerosols are smaller than droplets and stay remain in the airborne for some minutes to several hours. They are the warning sign that airborne transmission may be even more widespread than previous thought. 

How can I Protect Myself from the Covid-19 in Public Indoor Area? 

Covid-19 can spread through the airborne or on public surfaces such as handles and desks. This is hard for human beings to not touch the handles since we already got used to touching the door handle or the stairs handle. The CDC also acknowledges that airborne particles can travel farther than 6 feet, particularly when people are talking, singing, or even breathing heavily in indoor environments with poor ventilation.  

Here are the several ways for you to minimize the spread of Covid-19.   

  • Avoid crowded places
    As the previous explanation, covid-19 can spread through aerosols and the indoor area that are having poor air circulation which can makes the spread of the covid-19 higher than the outdoor area. 
  • Wear a Mask
    Always wear your mask whenever you go outside to prevent inhaling the contaminated air from other people droplets through talking, coughing or sneezing. 
  • Bring Hand Sanitizer
    Clean your hands right-away after touching public surfaces or objects. Hand sanitizer is the best item to decrease the infectious agents on your hands. 
  • Clean your house/office regularly
    Cleaning is very important, especially in your office’s desk where people can touch it. So, always keep your office or your house clean every day. 

Covid-19 is real, and you need to remember that researchers are still doing researcand development the antidote and the cure of covid-19. Until the days have come, we need to follow the WHO Instructions about living during the pandemic to prevent the spread of covid-19. 

Stay healthy and always wear your masks! 

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