Smoke cabins – What are they?

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What’s the difference between an indoor and an outdoor smoke cabin? If you’re looking to purchase one, it can be hard to understand the different types of these units, since they all have smoke cabins in their name! After all, if you want to smoke indoors or out, doesn’t it make sense that you should use an indoor or outdoor smoke cabin? We’ll help you understand what sets them apart and which one will be the best for your needs.


An overview of smoke cabins

The world is changing and there are modern expectations for a range of products. One prime example of such a trend is in smoking devices, which have increasingly moved towards smoke cabins. A move towards smoke cabins represents a shift to smaller, more portable, and better-designed smoking devices that have been tailored for increased convenience. There’s plenty of reasons to make that change. Whether you’re looking at outdoor or indoor smoke cabins , there’s plenty of value there.  


Types of smoke cabins 

There are several types of smoke cabins available for purchase. This can make it hard to choose which one is right for you, or your business. To ensure that you make a well-informed choice, take a look at some of your options. One type of smoke cabin is an outdoor model. These often have natural ventilation and sometimes even heating systems that provide warmth during cold weather. Another type of smoke cabin is an indoor model. This kind of unit features fireproof materials, natural lighting, filtration and ventilation systems that vent out carbon monoxide and other harmful substances as smoke escapes into them. 


How they work

The Smoke cabins usually equipped with an automatic motion sensor. Once people enter the cabin, the unit will be turned on. The smoke will be captured by the air inlet cabins and the filtration system will be working once it  flows downward through the filtersInside the cabin. Afterwards, the fan pushes the clean air upward to the outlet on the top of cabin. 


Smoke cabin recommendations

If you are thinking about buying a smoke cabin and would like to see what others have purchased and think is worthwhile, then take a look at Smoke Solution website to see the product recommendations.  

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