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SQ 280 in Rødovre Centrum Mall

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In 2007, Denmark made a new system called “smoke-free environment” in offices and public areas. The focus of smoking ban regulation is to protect people from exposure to secondhand smoke and create a smoke-free environment. 

The concept of “smoke-free environment” has gained many supporters over the last decades. In fact, several countries all over the world have started to implement a smoke-free environment. 

Rødovre Centrum Mall is a shopping center in Rødovre in the western suburbs of Copenhagen, Denmark. Rødovre Centrum has a total area of 150,000 square meters of which 44,000 square meters is retail space. Rødovre Centrum Mall consists of more than a hundred shops such as supermarkets, facilities like cinemas, multiplex, and medical centers. 

As a shopping center in Rødovre where many people are visiting this area, they want to create a “smoke-free environment” to improve customer’s experience while shopping in Rødovre Centrum Mall. 

In November 2019, Smoke Solution installed the three outdoor smoke cabins SQ 280 in Rødovre Centrum Mall which is located near the entrance of the mall. 

The location is perfect and smokers can easily locate the smoking area. It is such a great movement for Rødovre Centrum to create a smoke-free environment that protects visitors from the exposure of secondhand smoke and passive smoking. 


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