The benefits Of Using Smoking Cabin For Our Environment

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There are 1 billion smokers in the world; about 80% are found in developing countries ( Based on the data from, a smoker usually smokes 4 cigarettes on average in a day. Still, there are many places that do not provide a smoking room or area for smokers. There is a solution for smokers and a way to prevent second-hand smoke which will benefit many organizations and public spaces all over the world. 

The smoking cabin is a solution to prevent second-hand smoke. It is an opportunity for offices and public areas to have this cabin to build a bridge between smokers and non-smokers allowing them to interact in the same place. Also, by providing a smoking cabin in your district, it will decrease the number of littering of cigarette ends and participate in maintaining the health of our environment. 

Cigarette ends are one of the most littered plastics in the world. Cigarette ends contain so many chemicals inside its filter that when the smokers threw the ends on the ground, it will flow into the sewer systems which is connected to the oceans. These ends will pollute the oceans and rivers which will destroy the ecosystem and the habitat for the fish and other living creatures within the ecosystem. Cigarette ends contain a heavy load of toxic that can be harmful to our marine life and to our environment, and especially to our clean water. 

Usually, when we hear about cigarettes, people are most concerned about the health of smokers and non-smokers. However, cigarettes can harm our environment, such as the smoke of cigarettes can cause air pollution and cigarette ends can cause soil and water pollution.  


Impact of Cigarette to Our Environment 

1. Deforestation 

To make a cigarette, we can find its material in the rainforest. Cigarette manufacturer needs tobacco leaves and paper. In that case, cigarette manufacture must destroy one tree for producing 300 cigarettes and they must burn woods for drying the tobacco leaves. These activities will impact the increase of soil erosion and global temperatures 

2. Air Pollution 

In the making of cigarettes, the manufacturer activities such as drying tobacco leaves and industrial processes have an impact on the increase of gas emissions. Smoking a cigarette also increasing the potential of gas emissions because the second-hand smoke from a cigarette contains carbon dioxide, methane and other noxious chemicals which are the cause to the air pollution 

3. Soil Pollution 

95% of cigarette filters are made of cellulose acetate (a plastic), and it takes a long time to break it down. As we know, a cigarette contains so many toxins that are harmful to our environment. If the cigarette ends litter in the soil, it will seep in and become poisons to grass and other vegetation growing in that area. 

4. Water Pollution 

One of the bad habits of smokers is littering. Littering in the waterways is one of the causes of water pollution. Cigarette ends contain toxins such as nicotine, pesticides, and metals that if littered in the waterways, it will seep in the water and become toxic to fish in that aquatic ecosystem 

5. Animals 

Cigarettes are also danger to animals that are on land and in our waters. It is because cigarettes contain a lot of toxins and if cigarette end or the plastic packaging of the cigarettes is thrown away carelessly, some animals will mistake it for food and consume it. If eaten by them, it can make them sick or even kill them.



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