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Smoking Area at Public Areas

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Smoke-free environment and smoking ban has been implemented in public spaces such as hotels, restaurants, bars, casinos, airports and offices. The new regulations force them to rearrange the smoking area so the smokers can smoke their cigarettes legally. 

For example, in bars or pubs, there are large percentage of customers who frequent a club smoke or part of a smoking group. These kind of people or groups tends to leave their tables to smoke in every 1-2 hours 

Smokers usually look for a designated smoking area nearby or go outside the building (if there are no smoking areas) to smoke cigarettes. Sometimes, business areas do not provide a proper smoking area, in the meaning, there are no chairs, lamps, roof and even ashtrays so they will throw their cigarette ends on the floor and pollute your business areas.  

In that case, Smoke Solution offers a designated smoking area where smokers can pursue their passion in comfort, warmth and in the dry:


Indoor smoke cabin: 

Feel the new experience of a high-performance quality product that will protect against passive smoking, dangerous gases and odour of cigarettes. Our Smoking cabins are meticulously designed to ensure that smoke and odour stays within the cabin. 

By focusing on atmosphere and wellbeing, smoke cabins are building bridges between smokers and non-smokers allowing them to interact. Our smoking cabins makes it possible for smokers and non-smokers to stay in the same room and still interact without any disturbing from secondhand smoke or odour. 

Our Products: 

Great for Locations: Hotels, Casinos, Offices, Airports, Malls, Industry, Factory. 


Outdoor smoke cabin:

Outdoor Smoke Cabin by Smoke Solution

Outdoor Smoke Cabin

Our Outdoor Smoke Cabins offer safe, convenient spaces for several smokers simultaneously without the environment being affected by passive smoking. They follow the same strict design and manufacturing rules as our indoor smoking cabins including improved safety and fireproofing. 

The Outdoor Smoking Cabin ensure that smokers can smoke in a pleasant environment without the smoke interfere with the surroundings and therefore prevent second hand smoke. The cabin’s efficiently filtration catches the particles and gasses before it gets into the environment, preventing the public places, entrances and workplaces from passive smoking and odour from cigarettes. 

Great for Locations: Hotels, Casinos, Offices, Airports, Malls, Industry, Factory. 


If you are interested with our products, do not hesitant to contact our sales team to get the best offer! 

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